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[Verse 1: Ezra Koenig & Danielle Haim]
We go together like sound and sight
Black and white, day and night
We go together like left and right
Oh, we go together
We go together like give and take
Pains and aches, real and fake
We go together, don’t be opaque
It’s clear we go together
[Chorus: Ezra Koenig & Danielle Haim]
We belong together
We belong together
Baby, there’s no use in being clever
Baby, it don’t mean we’ll stay together
[Verse 2: Ezra Koenig, Danielle Haim & Both]
We go together like pots and pans
Surf and sand, bottles and cans
We go together like lions and lambs
Oh, we go together
We go together like Keats and Yeats
Bowls and plates, days and dates
We stay united like these old states
It’s how we go together
[Chorus: Ezra Koenig, Ezra Koenig & Danielle Haim]
We belong together
We belong together
Baby, there’s no use in being clever
Baby, it don’t mean we’ll stay together
[Outro: Ezra Koenig]
Hallelujah, you’re still mine
All I did was waste your time
If there’s not some grand design
How’d this pair of stars align?

To be one in a billion’s a terrible trick
You’re the wretched one
When I was young, I was told I’d find
One rich man in ten has a satisfied mind
And I’m the one Play this song
When I was young, I was told I’d find
One rich man in ten has a satisfied mind
And I’m the one
100 to one says I wouldn’t react
But I’m the 1 in 100 who would swing right back
Yes, I’m the one
Thousands of steps and staircases to climb
Thousands of men you’d most likely decline
And yet I’m the one
10,000 to 1, could I possibly bet? I’m compelled by your love and I haven’t lost yet
Clearly, you’re the one
One in a million don’t mean what it meant
And these millions of gold coins don’t gleam when they’re spent
You’re left with none
Ten million dollars could win the whole lot
But if ten million dollars is all that you got
You won’t be the one
Hundreds of millions of papers to sign
Hundreds of millions of souls left behind
And yet, we’re the ones
A billion to one, don’t the odds make you sick?

I ain’t tryna disrespect, just need to meet up with you (Lord)
I ain’t tryna overstep, just want to reason with you (Lord)
Give us back our loved ones and take the evil with you (Lord)
Send them suckers straight to hell, they don’t need a vigil (Woo!)
I need you to give us back Martin Luther, take Martin Shkreli (Take!)
Give us back Malcolm, take R. Damn, you took a true king, a true brother from us
This a fuckin’ marathon, but they runnin’ from us
Now everybody got guns, nigga’s up to something
And every gangsta wanna prove that they tough or something
You know it’s not fair, tell the truth, I’ve been in my feelings too
But if you took Emmett Till, at least take Dylann Roof
At least take James Holmes, I ain’t even mad at that
Just bring back Whitney, and give us Michael Jackson back
Feds want me in the slammer, damn
Ain’t no justice for Sandra Bland, we up like the ceiling fan
Lord, if you listenin’, I’m just lookin’ for a hand to hand
Take out the fuck niggas and give us back our fam again
Drownin’ in my tears, tryna pray for something (Woo!)
Wonder why you give us life for you to take it from us (Woo!)
Wonder why you give us family then erase them from us (Woo!)
Maybe hopefully you can have a conversation with us (Yeah)
Maybe I’m just probably tripping ’cause I need a hug (I need a hug)
The hood can’t find jobs, now we need a plug (We need a plug)
Everybody and their mama tryna be a thug
I don’t go to church ’cause I’m afraid of being judged
I’ve been starin’ at the ceiling as I lie in bed
Watchin’ niggas follow trends like Simon Says (Yeah)
I pray you give us back the real ones and try again
Or maybe take them niggas that deserve to die instead
Tomi Lahren run her mouth and then she get defensive
Laura Ingraham laughin’ at death and disrespectin’
I really feel like you should teach them stupid hoes a lesson
Either that or give us back somebody who deserve the blessings
I left out a bunch of names that I forgot to mention
Cost too much to pay attention, then it got expensive
Father forgive me, for I know not what I do
And now I’m reachin’ out to you, hopin’ you hear me and return the message
I know that you got our back and that you’re not against us
Or maybe you just love us so you doin’ shit to test us
I just kinda thought that you would do more to protect us
They say that the good die young and I ain’t on the guest list
I’ve been drinkin’, Lord forgive me, it’s my blood racin’
I don’t know what I’m thinking, I’m just frustrated
I don’t mean to question you, I’m just confused
I don’t know what else to do, I’ve been patient and it sucks waiting
Took my mans from me, that forever hurts
But puttin’ the blame on you, that’d never work
I know this ain’t your fault, it’s the devil’s work
Devil’s work Play this song
Father, forgive me
I’m staring at this Bible as I keep glancing
Dear Lord, I got questions and I need answers
Tryna understand your vision, all I see is damage
Just a bunch of dead bodies in the street camping
A bunch of lost souls on their feet standing
We supposed to be your children, I thought we family
You’re supposed to be my Father, bruh, I need answers
We don’t need to die young, we just need chances
Tired of living on the edge so we keep scrambling
Tryna talk to these strippers but they keep dancing
We just wanna be number one like Steve Francis
Bow our heads, say a prayer, now the seed’s planted
Everywhere I turn, I’m seeing emcees vanish
Lot of good niggas gone, I don’t understand it
Lot of families lost and they seem stranded
I ain’t tryna disrespect you, I just need answers
I know you’re watching us from heaven thinking, “Who to save?”
Cherry pickin’ who should go next and who should stay
I’d be on my way to heaven if I knew the way
And bring back every good nigga you choose to take
They say you never wrong, but you done made a few mistakes
‘Cause you taking the wrong niggas, maybe you should trade
Trade us back all the real ones, remove the fakes
I think you should trade
Give us 2Pac back, and take that nigga Suge (Ooh!)
Let the legend resurrect and he gon’ live for good (Ooh!)
I been screaming “Thug life “in every different hood (Thug life, thug life)
If only you could bring him back, Lord I wish you would
Give us Biggie, give us Pun, give us triple X
Take that nigga Trump with you, that’s a bigger threat
There’s too much power for a coward with no intellect
That’s a bigot with a collar, there’s a disconnect
Niggas dying, Mama crying, Grandma need a tissue
Niggas shootin’ up a church, now I need a pistol
All them niggas still livin’, you don’t see the issue
But how you take Selena and then you take Aaliyah with you? Got these children getting murdered while they double dutchin’
Wonder why the fuck you take Nipsey Hussle from us? Our fathers and our sisters and our cousins from us? Kelly
R.I.P. Lil Snupe, give that boy his life back
Take Eric Holder, give us Eric Wright back
I’m sending you this message, Lord, I hope you hit me right back
They say I’m on the wrong train, I know I’m on the right track (Yeah)
‘Cause Trayvon gone, and all he did was tryna fight back
Zimmerman walk around free, we don’t like that (We don’t like that)
Why you take our mothers from us?

YOU DECIDE! You had one job cabrón, to strike a matchstick
Got caught with a fuse like your bars, not lit
You should have stayed anonymous Epic Fail Guy
Treat this battle like the gallows and take another dive
[Guy Fawkes]
As a communist it must really hurt
That your face has been cheapened, weakened, besmirched
Being plastered on posters, coasters, and shirts
Making capitalists rich off of you on merch
Right, I’m a pious man and I fight for the lord
I would cut you but I don’t want your sweat on my sword
I was tortured until I could hardly sign my name
And listening to you felt pretty much the same (oooh!)
Face it Ernesto, you’re Castro but less so
He’s Cuba Commander you’re more of the Destro
Revolt all you want I don’t give two Guy Fawkes
But look at Venezuela what you’re fighting for sucks
[Che Guevara]
Sucks? Cause I’m on fire! WHO’S NEXT? [Che Guevara]
Guevara the terror, fresh Kangol wearer
Ill rhyme slayer from the 60’s era
Revolting heavy metal rebel blood spiller
Me and my guerrillas are a squad of killers
I’m known worldwide for my steely-eyed look
You’re famous cause of Alan Moore’s third best book
All the children say we will be like Che
Asthmatic, but I’ll take your breath away (wooo!)
You tried to rebel against James the first
Here’s a tip for your next plot, try to rehearse! Play this song
When they cut your junk out
I’m the hardest Marxist ever graced a banknote
You’re an error prone terrorist penny for the scapegoat
[Guy Fawkes]
Don’t try to boast ’bout your banknotes with Guido
You muddled your economy like mint in a mojito
This very battle disproves your communist initiative
These rhyme skills are not evenly distributed (aah!)
I’m Catholic I’ve got mass when I’m rapping
You’re an ump-Che, that’s Bay of Pigs latin
After what just happened you should retire
Is it the 5th of November? It’s more like V for very bad hat
Oh! (KA! I got my face on a magnet on your roommate’s fridge
Your head is on a spike up on London Bridge! [Outro]
WHO WON? What’s the Fawkes say now? Guy, you died for the Catholics
A group with a bad touching little boys habit
And this porn star pilgrim look what’s up with that? EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!

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I feel your hands latched on my throat
Why do I keep you close to me? [Verse 1]
How many times do you think I’ll swear
That I’ll keep coming back
Even though you won’t care
[Pre-Chorus 1]
Until I’m gone
I’ll watch you wish upon a mega star
And in the end we’ll fall
Across the sky to give you everything
You fucking wanted all
Is this the part where you keep begging me to just accept your flaws
Your motherfucking faults
And when I hide behind a closed door
I’m sorry that I just don’t wanna know more
Don’t tell me you think I could fucking show more
I’m anxious and I’m so sure
That I’m better when I’m left alone
I know I’m better when I’m left alone
I said I’m better when I’m left alone
[Verse 2]
I do better when I can forget about you
That’s the deepest cut I won’t cover
No need for love, I won’t suffer
I don’t bleed the same as no others
So what the fuck you want from me
People loss the company
But I won’t smile when you sit in front of me
Expecting love right after what you’ve done to me
Take to die to be the one you see
Is it love or? Blurring up the same lust
Can read it with the pain draws
But we were living on the same laws
But that shit don’t matter now does it? Remember how they were trying to save us now fuck it
I can keep on and on about nothing
‘Cause whenever you was trying to change me I was it
[Pre-Chorus 2]
Gonna leave me to grace you
We need to face truth
Breathe deep escape you
Knees weak I made lose
Off of fucking fate to break you
But I
Never gonna make it through the night
I don’t give a fuck about a fight
And I wouldn’t ever win my whole life
So you need to keep the fuck away from light
And when I hide behind a closed door
I’m sorry that I just don’t wanna know more
Don’t tell me you think I could fucking show more
I’m anxious and I’m so sure
That I’m better when I’m left alone
I’m better when I’m left the fuck alone
I’m better when I’m left the fuck alone
(Feel your hands latched on my throat)
I’m better when I’m left the fuck alone
(Why do I keep you close to me?)
I said I’m better when I’m left alone