Chang’s instead of Pyeongchang. Chang’s caught the mistake and tweeted about it. The mix-up between the names of the South Korean county and the Asian-inspired restaurant chain occurred Saturday and quickly went viral. Nicholas also apologized for the error. Also Read:  This Tool Will Perfect Your Cat-Eye Makeup in Seconds
Tune in to NBC to watch the Winter Olympics. Well, that was embarrassing. — P.F. Chang’s (@PFChangs) February 13, 2018
Hopefully, the news station   learned from the mistake. Let?s see what you got. However, Nicholas told the newspaper the graphic accidentally aired during a Saturday story read by anchor   Mark Rivera. Also Read:  Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Jet Off to the French Riviera to Ring in the New Year
P.F. Chang?s Games 2018 have officially begun. Local Chicago news station WLS-Ch.7 accidentally broadcasted a graphic that referred to the host city of the 2018 Winter Olympics   as P.F. The P.F. Also Read:  Preme Feat. PartyNextDoor – Can’t Hang Lyrics
Jayme Nicholas, a spokesperson for the ABC affiliate, told the Chicago Tribune the graphic was meant for a separate “satirical piece” created by sports anchor Mark Giangreco   that asked viewers to come up with their own Olympic sport. What event would you dominate?

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