“Honorable C.N.O.T.E”
Yeah, yeah
“Buddha Bless this beat”
Yeah, yeah “yeah”
Yeah, yeah “yeah”
Yeah, yeah “yeah”
Yeah, yeah “yeah”
Superstars, superstars, superstars out
Brand new cars (skrrt), we buy the bar now
Swang doors now (skrrt), f**k on h**s now “smash”
Tats and golds “tats”, rock the shows, uh
Big bank rolls (cash!), now she go, uh
For the team, uh (woo)
Now she wet, don’t ski “splash!”
Thinking bout posting her on the gram, and delete her “delete it!”
Whole gang in the field, we don’t do bleachers “uh”
(Verse 1)
Pockets lettuce, uh
B*tch, don’t think I’m ready, uh uh
You got that swag (Drip!)
You got that sauce then sell it, uh uh
Free my n*gg*s, cash ’em out we bailin’ (free)
Saw my teacher, I was the same student failin’
Now I got a lawyer, straight cash, no settlement
I’m out my element, out my, out my element (woo!)
My n*gg*s the same, don’t need no clout, no fame (no clout, no clout)
Bought the gang, all brand new chains (ice ice)
Swerve the lane, call the group “the gang” (gang, gang)
Whip that thing, then she give me br**n (ooh, yeah)
Them boys fool you tryna do it, bring the t**l**s out (try and do it)
N*gg*s don’t want no smoke, they pull up with they c**chies out
It’s times three, it’s times three, that’s how it goes (three-way, yeah)
Park a million dollars at the bando (skrrt, skrrt)
We gon’ make ’em eat that d*pe until we glow (eat it up, eat it up)
Rich n*gg*s straight to the top floor (top)
On more PJ’s than Pablo
Wrist like water go to Cabo
Cash in the walls, hollow (cash)
Your money too small, micro (woo)
Huncho on the call, gotta reload (reload)
(Chorus 2)
Yeah, yeah “yeah”
Yeah, yeah “yeah”
Yeah, yeah “yeah”
Yeah, yeah
Superstars, superstars, superstars out
Brand new cars (skrrt), we buy the bar now
Swang doors now (skrrt), f*ck on h**s now (smash)
Tats and golds (tats), rock the shows, uh
Big bank rolls (cash!), now she go, uh
For the team, uh (woo)
Now she wet, don’t ski (splash!)
Thinking bout posting her on the gram, and delete her (delete it!)
Whole gang in the field, we don’t do bleachers (uh)
Thinking bout posting her on the gram, and delete her (delete it!)
Whole gang in the field, we don’t do bleachers (uh)
(Verse 2)
Ice the gang (ice), had to ice the gang (ice)
So much ice (too much), had to ice the lane (whew)
Freeze to death (freeze), had to freeze the lane (freeze)
Camera phone, Scarface, Al Capone (Al Capone)
Turn your lights off, n*gg*, we’ve been on (been on)
Came from my block and growed up, guess I’m homegrown (homegrown)
Well known, cookie, that is my cologne (cookie, cookie)
I put my wrist inside the freezer, came out froze (ice, ice)
I put my heart inside this sh*t ’cause I was chose (heart, chose)
I put my heart inside and only God knows (God knows)
Get a Kleenex for that baby, wipe his nose (I wiped his nose)
What’s a leg? Woo! We shootin’   heads ’til they explode (reload)
(Chorus 2)
(Verse 3)
Woo! Woo! 1’ Album [Listen] Woo! Wraith with the stars out (Wraith)
Trappin’ out the boarded house (hey)
The bricks get deported out (deported)
N*gg*s grouped out for a shout
Marvin the Martian (Martian)
I’ma put your brain up for auction (brrt)
Precede with caution (caution), Skeleton AP is frosted
I sit back and read the offense (read)
My h*e is addicted to faucets (woo)
Chanel bag is ostrich (Chanel)
Stay down, come up in the process (stay down)
Hey, private jet, yeah, Thotty wanna f**k the same s*x, yeah
Diamond mil’ mil’, yeah, I’ma keep the b*tch on welfare (woo, woo)
The pink stone real rare (rare), bling bling blaow, yeah (bling bling)
Mama got style, yeah (style), Chanel reptile, player (hey)
Geeked on Mars, gotta give the grace up to God (grace to God)
Three rockstars, nobody seein’ the gang, on God (God)
(Chorus 2)
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Migos Says “Culture 2” Will Be The Biggest Rap Album Of 2018

Quality Control Drops 30 Songs On ‘Control the Streets Vol. Offset! Woo!

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Tommy Lee Sparta Feat Preedy – Freaky Girl

Tommy Lee Sparta’s “New Creator” EP Debuts In Billboard Top 10

Tommy Lee Sparta – Pon Di Roadside [New Music] “They just sat down and chop it up like old times.” In an interview last September, Sparta spoke about his legal troubles and how his association with Vybz Kartel has caused him problems in his career. We’re told that Sean Kingston was the middleman who asked Kartel to make peace with Tommy Lee Sparta and then Rymes organized the visit. When they run my passport, Vybz Kartel business comee up and everything. DancehallHipHop reached out to the Sparta deejay’s camp for a comment and was told that the meetup was in the works since last month. Tommy Lee Sparta finally visits Vybz Kartel in prison. “I feel like they put something on my name,” he said. Kartel’s right hand man Sikka Rymes confirmed that he brought the “Soul Reaper” deejay to visit the Worl’Boss at GP yesterday and everything went smooth. “Tommy Lee and Vybz Kartel have a long history, they have been very close friends for years so a lot of what has been reported in the media doesn’t accurately reflect their true relationship. Tommy has a lot of respect for Kartel who first brought him to the forefront of music.”

This marks the first time that Tommy Lee Sparta is visiting Vybz Kartel in prison since his incarceration in 2011. We’re told that they spoke about the state of the music and catch up on old times. “It’s something that’s been in the pipeline for a few weeks now because that’s how the system work, you have to book a visit way in advance, you can’t just show and expect to see someone,” a rep for the deejay told us. “Every time I try to travel, they treat me different, like I am some bomber. They are acting like I am involved in certain things and pure red lines come up on my documents at the airports.

Let me see that bag if you got it
Got, got, got, got it
Let me see that bag if you got it
Verse 1
I pop this booty when I see the Duffle Bag
I make it clap when he pull them rubber band
Shake for the cash
Shake for the stach
Broke I ain’t f**k with you
I tell you straight facts
When I walk out bitches pass out
B*tty rider I got my *ss out
Nigga see me take him stock out
I’ve enough of those elastic band out
Shake my *ss to the beat Gucci on my feet
Inna di club bumper up and down
Pon the grung, a so me beat
I drop this booty when I see the stock
In the Rolls Royce and I laid back
Rolex on my wrist going tick tock
Price tag when I shop, don’t   Spend my money like Christie Walton
Paper on the floor thats what I walk on
Every day on the phone that me they talk on
B*tches mad cause they still used   coupons
See that bag if you got it
Stocks can’t fit your pocket
See that bag if you got it
Stocks can’t fit your pocket
See that bag if you got it
Stocks can’t fit your pocket
See that bag if you got it
Stocks can’t fit your pocket
Verse 1
I pop this booty when I see the Duffle Bag
I make it clap when he pull them rubber bandz
Let me see the stocks
You got to have the stocks
Broke I ain’t f**k with you
I tell you straight facts
Look at me I’m flashy
Yeah, Gucci Versace
Drop this ass I drive him crazy
Ain’t no wh*re, I ain’t that trashy
Yuh nuh like me
Me nuh give a bl**dclaat
Dash money make it stuck in a yuh face like wart
Wah   check   out but your money short
A nuh me make me have weh you want
VIP I get
I sip Sipronie on my jet
I love much money
Just as much as Cardi B love off sex
You hate my lifestyle because I live so spoil
I got a big stock pile
Check   out my profile
Ain’t got time to smile
Am counting these coil
Broke *ss b*tch ain’t seen this for a while
(Repeat Chorus)
(verse 2)
Me a hype caah me bag full a nuff money
When dutty gal see me dem envy me
Me nuh   like dem
Me team nuh hungry
Stock pile up a dat kill me enemy
Me nuh know bout you
But me got it like that
Me nuh beg, me nuh barrow, me nuh sponge nor squat
Caah me card game loud and me bank book fat
Boss b*tch deal wid it like a diplomat
Walking in the club like a Vicki model
Its not my birthday but a pure sparkle
Waitress a come with ten bottle
Yeah, b*tch   check   my table
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)
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Spice Secures The Bag With Dancehall Trap Video “Duffle Bag”

Alkaline, Spice, Popcaan, Aidonia Leads 2018 Your View Awards Nominees

Watch Spice “Robot Wine” & “Hooku Wine” Videos

“They both good friends of mine, I love Ja Rule, i love the whole Murder Inc crew, and 50 he is a good friend too, you know am not with it man,” Fat Joe said while adding, “I know they can’t squash the beef. He explains how he came up with the grand idea to make the two New York rappers who have been beefing for years on the same stage. “I’d make him the hottest rapper in the game it’s a fact right now 2018 if I A&R 50 Cent I would be him the hottest rapper in the game,” he said. Related Posts

50 Cent Sells Animal Ambition For Millions In Bitcoin

50 Cent and Chief Keef Reacts To Fredo Santana’s Death

Ja Rule Responds To 50 Cent Threat To Put Him To Sleep On Sight The Terror Squad rap legend sat down with “Ebro In The Morning” on Hot 97 earlier today with his new artist Dre where he detailed how he tried to get 50 and Rule to perform together on Summer Jam and was shut down instantly. “Ni**s was like, ‘There won’t be no kumbaya moments on this f**ing stage.’ That was that. I tried it.”
Listen to the full interview below. Fat Joe says he tried to get 50 Cent and Ja Rule on the same stage and failed miserably. “I tried to bring them both at Summer Jam last year and I got a ‘f**k your moms,” the rapper/producer said. Before he got to the topic of the beef, Fat Joe said he would love to A&R (Artists and repertoire) 50 Cent. Whether Fiddy will agree to that is another story, he might just be too busy cashing in his Bitcoins and producing movies and TV shows. If there was a possibility of squashing then I would be at the summit.”
Joe then touched on the hot-button issue of 50 Cent and Ja Rule, who went after each other as recently as this week.

Give it a few months he’ll be practicing Kendo with Lupe.”

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Tyga Lost $50K Worth Of Merchandise In Last Kings Robbery

Tyga’s Clothing Store Last Kings Burglarized In LA

Tyga Breaks Silence On Kylie Jenner Pregnancy On SnapChat “I been wanting to make this album for a while now but didn’t have the confidence and the story to express my true emotions,” Tyga wrote on Instagram. “I thank all the love and support you have given me over the years. Here are some of the reactions from fans. Tyga says his new album artwork is lit despite getting some backlash on social media. First Logan Paul and now Tyga.”
Some fans decided to inject a little comedy into the mix like this comment from Chris. So King Gold Chains posted the artwork for his new single on Instagram yesterday and it sent off a firestorm among some fans who think that it’s too explicit. Some fans don’t see it as just art but more like something that should have been kept in the archive. THANK YOU GOD ALWAYS. “It’s art man, it’s art,” he added. “I wanna be one day as high as Tyga when he created that Album cover and thought it was a good idea,” the fan wrote, while another added, “This is the cover of Tyga’s new album.Its clearly disrespectful to the Japanese flag..whats wrong with Americans these days? Thru my ups and downs,At My highest and my lowest points.Thru my brightest and darkest hours.This album is me opening my heart to you and I hope you enjoy it and love it as much as I do. Made his cover a lady tiger in kinbaku bondage, about to get her tiger cheeks pounded ontop the Rising Sun. Thank You Hajime Sorayama for allowing me to share this experience with the world thru your creative art & my vision.”
Some fans sees the artwork as being disrespectful to the Japanese flag, but Tyga says its not a diss and in fact the art was created by a famous Japanese artist. “In case you couldn’t tell Tyga loves Japanese culture, he named his album Kyoto after Japans old capital. Paparazzi caught up with him and his crew today in the streets where he said the artwork is lit.

I’m who and why, I’m rude and kind
My cars a computer, rise I’m cruisin’ by
Smokin’ blunts Rubin size
You fools can try, these tools getting utilized, you euthanize
Prrp, skrrt, shoot then drive, now who survive
We comin’ back to rewind
I’m usually high, sippin’ on a Houston wine
Feel humanized, I want my throne to recline
Jackie Red, Julie Blonde, they cuban fine, I bruise their spine
I leave and they snooze till 9
Superglued to the grime, my crew my tribe
These bitches try to divide, we too defined
Got the drugs to provide the coolest highs
The green is green and the white with the blue is ice
The syrup in the juice collide, the two combine like suits and ties
Magic, poof
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Lil Wayne Collaborates with Juelz Santana Drops “Bloody Mary” [Intro]
Imma be alright because Dizzy here awhile, yeah! (Verse 1: Juelz Santana)
Uh, ok, time to make my malt
I gave ’em a head start
Now I’m on my Nicki shit, I don’t want no, Fraud
Tryna’ raise the bar, grabbin’ like I passed the bar
You would think I’m ridin’ bikes by the way I handlebars
New nigga in charge, it’s a new nigga in charge
Poppin’ all these blue I might turn into an avatar
They ain’t wanna see me back, he’s back
Human cracking the flesh, sorry I had to relapse
These niggas weed whack, I twist ’em like weed reps
Still on my nino brown
Still getting G-money on G pecks
Those stunner man bussin’ like dollar man, it’s evident
These hoes love me, they say my dick is they medicine
Cosby spikin’ gelatin, still pushin’ and peddling
Settling never I’m like DiCaprio in the Revenant
Still whippin’ and stretchin’ it
2Pac Ambidextrous
I’m a beast, a dog, I see that money I’m catching it
You hoe throwin’ it at me, I’m catchin’ it
Don’t text me go check your bitch
You don’t wanna get me outta my element
From a tenant into [?] order my residence
Phones still clicking I feel like a receptionist
Like I’m extra-terrestrial
My life’s a fucking movie, boy don’t get yourself edited
I’m like Steph at the free-throw that piece blow, I never miss
Taught your girl how to whip it good now she a lesbian
You can level up, still won’t be on my level then, that’s level 10
These niggas hot, I must be kettle then
They don’t want the steam but I know you want the tea
That’s your bitch when she only fuck with me, ’cause I’m ballin’ MSG
Roof missin’ all this whippin’ I need two kitchens
Fuck the DA I ain’t never been no school pidgeon
Won’t catch me in no club unless my tool get in
Be smart cause bounce he a fool with it
[?] say it’s on, seven-eleven with it, that’s 24/7 with it
Wherever whenever with it
Your momma gon’ need a Church with a Reverand in it
Just pray it’s a heaven in it and hope that they let you in it
Boy I expose the truth in guys, cross me and get crucified
War’s on, that bazooka rise, niggas get neutralized
(Verse 2: Lil Wayne)
Suicide, this is suicide
Tell ’em seek and you will find ’cause Imma lose my mind
Kick a nigga ass then give him my shoes to shine
It’s do or die, I come from where we used to crime
The Uzi-9 more important than the school supplies
The pools is dry, my niggas and the food is fried
The news is lies
The pigeons is to spook the fly
The rules deny
All the tuckers goons is mine, that’s Tunechi slime
They kill you ain’t gon’ do the time
We unify, Young Money revolutionize
The new design, we had to leave the flukes behind and super-size
The numbers through the roof and sky
Don’t look, too surprised with the lines we makin’
Moves and strides, groves and vibes I’m too alive
These hoes need to be supervised, they put on a cute disguise you grooms is blind
She get dick in the Uber ride, Number 2 with fries, I’m pimpin’
Now who am I?

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Lil Wayne feat. Below you can listen to the track and leave your comments. It has been a long anticipation for a collaboration between the Lil Wayne and Juelz since rumors of them working on “I Cant Feel My Face” which is long overdue. Lil Wayne team up with Juelz Santana on new song “Bloody Mary”
The new track is from Lil Wayne’s album “Dedication 6: Reloaded” which is on its way. Juelz Santana – Bloody Mary Lyrics

1 on the Hot 100 chart. Last month, N.E.R.D. 80, Elvis Presley
71, Lil Wayne
67, Drake
57, Elton John
55, Taylor Swift
51, Glee Cast
50, The Beatles
50, Rihanna
49, Madonna

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Rihanna Shed Tears At Her Cousin Tavon’s Funeral In Barbados

Rihanna Cousin’s Murder Suspect Arrested and Charged

Rihanna and Her Family Drink Shots In Tribute To Slain Cousin Tavon Rihanna’s new single “Lemon” with N.E.R.D. released their new Rihanna-assisted single “Lemon” which has been steadily climbing the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Bajan pop star has already worked her way into then elite of music and fashion and now she is furthering her lead from the pack with another major musical achievement. The project was released in January 2016 exclusively TIDAL before being released across all platforms and peaking at No. has earned her another Billboard milestone. That song was one of the biggest singles on the planet last year, peaking at No. You can catch Rihanna live on stage at the 60th annual Grammy Awards where she will be performing “Wild Thoughts” with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller. Artists with Most Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 Hits All Time. 1. The track is now at No. 40 after jumping from 50 last week and thus earning RiRi her 50th top 40 song on the chart, Billboard reported. Rihanna just completed an impressive 100 weeks run on the Billboard 200 chart with her latest album ANTI. Only seven other artists has more top 40 records than Rihanna, they are The Beatles, Glee Cast, Taylor Swift, Elton John, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Elvis Presley.

“The top 100 songs sound a certain way. People cater more to that because it’s a bigger demographic behind that, or it’s a guaranteed demographic behind that. The inspiration of the single came about owing to the fact that Flacko embraces change, an attribute the society fears which can be great for the music industry. “Above”   releases   a whole new vibes to the music industry, one that will bring about a great change to the sound of music. I prefer to experiment and have my crowd grow with me and to reach new crowds.”
Listen to the song below and leave your comments. French Montana & ASAP Rocky Dropping Joint Album By Year End

Maroon 5 Feat. Related Posts

Are ASAP Rocky and Model Tina Kunakey Dating? People are scared to test new sounds, so they go with what’s current ’cause it’s the easy thing to do,” ASAP Rocky said. “My new album is really about testing new sounds. A$AP Rocky – Whiskey Lyrics A$AP Rocky gave us a taste of his upcoming album with his new song “Above”.

Jamaica produced the most music per capita in the world and dancehall is currently expanding into markets globally like never before. Shenseea and Her Son Featured In New Commercial Nicki Minaj also injects a bit of patois in some of her music from time to time. Rihanna started her career as a reggae-pop artist before broadening her career as a full-fledged pop artist and today she is one of the biggest pop stars in history and one of the most influential women in music and fashion currently. The single will be released on all digital platforms in the coming days and the video will also make its debut on the same day. In fact, some of the biggest hip hop and pop songs of the last two years are of dancehall origins, so when Shenseea says she wants to expand her brand into pop, she may be on to something. The young dancehall hitmaker has been seeing a steady climb in her career under the stewardship of Romiech but she is far from complacent. “So for me, actually going in that direction I think I will have a great impact as well. Shenseea is currently getting ready to release her first pop single “Love I Got For U.” The track was produced by Miami-based producers Unified Pacific Entertainment and she recently shot the video with director Jason ‘Jay Will’ Williams. And this whole production is a step towards it … (the) video is loud on a different level,” the “Loodi” deejay said. Related Posts

Watch Sean Paul and Shenseea New Video “Rolling”

Is Shenseea Plotting A Career Switch To Hip Hop? Shenseea eyes a career as an international pop star. “By next year I want to be international, and when I say that, I don’t mean just as a dancehall artiste, but an international pop star who incorporates the dancehall culture and my accent while majoring in pop music, because that is my first love,” Shenseea said.

B*tch I’m taking off, leave your pant**s on when you f*ck don’t take ’em off
She tryna have my babies keep the rubber on don’t take it off
Taking off the rari’ with the top I had to take it off
N*gg*s in they feelings ’cause they see a n*gg* takin off
Take it off
Take thousand dollar’s then I had to break it off
She gon’ throw it back and imma catch it like I’m Randy Moss
the Bitch get lost, blew it on some kicks, n*gg* f*ck the cops
Niggas wanna leech ’cause they see a n*gg* takin off
(Verse 1)
She tryna take off her top, my diamond they wet but your p*ssy not
My n*gg*s still stand on the block they serving the rocks and ducking from cops
N*gg*s want beef with the gang until they get robbed until they get shot
B*tch want a n*gga to marry they *ss but I don’t fall in love with no thot
30 in the Glock that b*tch hang out it look like a mop
Sliding on the opps, all that twitter beefing gotta stop
Carrots in my chain, my diamonds look like bunnies how they hop
N*gg*s in my lane, and that sh*t all funny till they drop
I learned that p*mp shit from my pops
I got a friendship with your opps
I f*ck*d your b*tch in Gucci flops
French y’all boys who lean in rocks
Snatch yo b*tch ’cause I’m a flirt
Ye’ ain’t twins [?]
Diamonds a b*tch I feel like dirt
Ducking yo b*tch I made her squirt
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)
When Jay walked in that room that p*ssy leakin’
Hit it from the back that p*ssy speakin’
My n*gga popped some xans now he tweakin
Blew two bands in a strip club for no reason
B*tch she broke and boujee
She get on on nerves then she might just loose me
These b*tch*s choosy
My friends is dead i feel like oozy
These n*gg*s goofy
They diss me for clout but the shit so b**ty
I told her to chew me
Netflix and Chill I don’t go to no movies
I won’t spend time with a b*tch she argue i dont got time for this shit
I put all my ice on and i almost blind a b*tch
Made her give me face
Just like i face-timed her
Told her that I love her she said that i lied an’ shit
(Repeat Chorus)
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YBN Almighty Jay Releases New Single – Takin off

Almighty Jay offsets new single “Takin Off”. Related Posts

YBN Almighty Jay – Takin Off Lyrics The YBN gang has been producing talented music which has been gaining a lot of traction on the music scene. Rapper Nahmir has been getting a lot of attention and it seems like YBN Almighty Jay will be following in his footsteps very shortly. Watch the video below and give comments if you believe “Taking Off” will be the next big hit for the group. “Taking Off” is the product of reuniting with previous collaborator Hoodzone who is known for his instrumental expertise. YBN Jay Offset has been putting in a lot of hours lately, he may be motivated by the success of his group member YBN Nahmir. Rapper Nahmir Cherry bop tune “Rubbing Of The Paint” gained over 22 million views in it’s first month of release.

Drake is taking it a step further by recording a song specifically for Lebron James in honor of his 30,000 points milestone. Imagine if it was an entire album, something tells me the 6 God is coming for them this year. The whole thing looked so fake you can see it in the video below. He posted a video on his IG page of himself and his crew taking a studio break while sinking a shot from down town. King James has been celebrating his achievement all week and the 6 God is catching some Lebron fever after delivering his new Scary Hours EP. Instead of drinking it he smashed it on the floor. One thing that is very real in this situation is the song Drizzy is working on. Drake is currently working on a Lebron James tribute single after the Cleveland Cavaliers star reached a milestone 30,000 points. #30KandKlimbing pic.twitter.com/ufD5L9i1QB
— UNINTERRUPTED (@uninterrupted) January 24, 2018

“Every time we look up you’re setting another milestone or breaking another record…” — @Drake #30KandKlimbing pic.twitter.com/zYuvbQTRRw
— UNINTERRUPTED (@uninterrupted) January 24, 2018

.@KingJames is the epitome of hard work – @Diddy & Dave Chappelle can definitely relate. #30KandKlimbing pic.twitter.com/FSUQk9NHqq
— UNINTERRUPTED (@uninterrupted) January 24, 2018

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Drake “God’s Plan” Lyrics

Drake Drop Two Tracks ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ and ‘God’s Plan’ [Stream]

Drake Started Following His Baby Mama On Instagram and Fans Are Freaking Out “Seems like every time we look up, you’re setting another milestone or breaking another record and I always tell you that you’re one of the most inspirational people in my life,” Drake said in a video posted on Twitter by Bron’s company Uninterrupted. “Every time you do something like this I always try to get in the studio and make the song that would go with the moment.”
Other rappers like JAY-Z, Nas, Diddy among others have also shared their reactions to his 30K points achievement. Drake also did a bit of history making himself this week when he smash Spotify and Apple Music single day streaming record and it was only from two songs on an EP. Drake then picked up the most expensive bottle of wine he could find in his house, a 1961 Petrus which retail for anywhere between $6,000-$25,000. New York’s finest, @S_C_ & @Nas got nothin’ but love for The King. Bron’s achievement has been echoing far and wide with a lot of his NBA peers congratulating him and even some folks from inside rap circles have been paying homage to the basketball legend.

МOСКВA, 24 янвaря. Смoтритe тaкжe

Oбвиняeмoгo в нaпaдeнии нa шкoльникoв в Бурятии пoдрoсткa пeрeвeли в СИЗO

Пoстрaдaвшую возле нaпaдeнии в шкoлe в Бурятии дeвoчку прooпeрирoвaли

Влaсти Бурятии мoгут нaгрaдить пoстрaдaвшую быть нaпaдeнии в шкoлe в Улaн-Удэ учитeльницу

Кaк рeшить прoблeму бeзoпaснoсти в шкoлax Oб этoм ТAСС сooбщили в срeду в Слeдствeннoм кoмитeтe. /ТAСС/. Двa сoучaстникa нaпaдeния нa учeникoв и учитeльницу в шкoлe в Улaн-Удэ aрeстoвaны. Пo дaнным слeдствия, oни пoмoгли изгoтoвить нaпaдaвшeму бутылку с зaжигaтeльнoй смeсью. Крoмe тoгo, слeдствиe пoлaгaeт, чтo мoтивoм   прeступлeния стaлa нeнaвисть нaпaдaвшeгo к нeкoтoрым прeпoдaвaтeлям. Рaнee в вeдoмствe сooбщили o зaдeржaнии в пoсeлкe Сoснoвый Бoр двoиx прeдпoлaгaeмыx сoучaстникoв нaпaдeния. Смoтритe тaкжe

Чтo извeстнo o нaпaдeнии в шкoлe в Бурятии

«Пo xoдaтaйству слeдствия первая инстанция избрaл в oтнoшeнии двoиx пoдрoсткoв мeру прeсeчeния в видe зaключeния пoд стрaжу», — скaзaли в СК.

Втoрoй пoдрoстoк, aрeстoвaнный рaнee пo oбвинeнию в пoкушeнии нa убийствo двуx и бoлee лиц в шкoлe нoмeр 127 Пeрми, выписaн с бoльницы и пeрeдaн прeдстaвитeлям прaвooxрaнитeльныx oргaнoв. В рeзультaтe инцидeнтa 12 чeлoвeк дoстaвлeны в бoльницу. Истoчник в прaвooxрaнитeльныx oргaнax дoбaвил, чтo oн пeрeвeдeн в СИЗO. Гaлeрeя
8 фoтo

Чтo извeстнo o нaпaдeнии нa шкoльникoв в Пeрми

Oб этoм ТAСС сooбщили в срeду в Гoрoдскoй клиничeскoй бoльницe нoмeр 4 (ГКБ нoмeр 4). Пo вeрсии слeдствия, дeсятиклaссник и eгo нeсoвeршeннoлeтний знaкoмый пришли в шкoлу, вooружившись нoжaми. «Oбa пoдрoсткa oстaются пoд aрeстoм», — скaзaл сoбeсeдник aгeнтствa. /ТAСС/. «Мaльчик выписaн. Нaпaдeниe нa шкoльникoв прoизoшлo в Пeрми 15 янвaря. Смoтритe тaкжe

Aдвoкaт oднoгo изо oбвиняeмыx в нaпaдeнии нa дeтeй в шкoлe в Пeрми oбжaлуeт aрeст

Пeскoв: нeoбxoдимo aккурaтнo oсвeщaть сoбытия, пoдoбныe нaпaдeнию нa шкoлу в Пeрми

В Мoсквe прooпeрирoвaли мaльчикa, пoстрaдaвшeгo oт нaпaдeния в Пeрми

Нa пoмoщь пoстрaдaвшим в шкoлe в Пeрми выдeлят 2,8 млн рублeй изо бюджeтa крaя ПEРМЬ, 24 янвaря. С ним всe нoрмaльнo, eгo здoрoвью ужe ничeгo нe угрoжaeт», — сooбщили в бoльницe, дoбaвив, чтo пoдрoстoк пeрeдaн прaвooxрaнитeльным oргaнaм.