Vladimir Mau has been the rector of the RANEPA since 2010, when it was created as a result of the merger of the Academy of National Economy (where Mau was rector since 2002) and the Russian Academy civil service under the President of Russia. The case is based on the testimony of Rakova and the materials of operational-investigative activities, in particular telephone correspondence. A revolutionary approach to a younger, healthier and longer life Summary Pro How to distinguish a conflicting interview candidate: 7 signs Instructions Pro Weather dependence: myth or reality Instructions Pro They don't know you here: how companies can build a reputation in a new country Instructions Pro A short workout for the office. Former Deputy Minister of Education Marina Rakova is suspected of several episodes of fraud. The second episode concerns the fictitious employment of employees at the RANEPA, the third— embezzlement of funds from the Fund for New Forms of Education Development, with the participation, as reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, of Rakova's common-law husband, who received payments from the organization for services that were not performed. Mau is suspected of fraud on an especially large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code) in the case of former Deputy Minister of Education Marina Rakova and director of the Institute of Social Sciences of the RANEPA, rector of the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (Shaninka) Sergei Zuev. “The corresponding order was signed on June 30 in connection with the planned vacation of the rector and was approved by the government of the Russian Federation. Relaxing the neck and chest Video Pro How to evaluate and increase the profitability of sales Instructions
The court placed Mau under house arrest until August 7th. The investigation believes that he was involved in the theft of RANEPA funds as part of an organized group and planned to escape. Rector of the Academy Vladimir Mau was placed under house arrest in the case of fraud against the former Deputy Minister of Education Marina Rakova 19/756571988477192.jpg” alt=”The RANEPA appointed Acting Rector instead of Mau” />
Maxim Nazarov
Temporary Rector of the RANEPA instead of Vladimir Mau, who was placed under house arrest, was appointed Vice-Rector of the Academy Maxim Nazarov, RBC was told in the press -service of the university. Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

Истoчник rbc.ru The contractor was the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (Shaninka), headed by Sergei Zuev. The first concerns the embezzlement of funds in the framework of the federal project “Teacher of the Future”. Rakova and Zuev are under arrest. The rector of the RANEPA himself called the accusations absurd. Nazarov has been Vice-Rector of the RANEPA since 2013. He is also involved in this case. Should I buy them on the drawdown Forecasts Pro 11 gadgets that will help improve sleep Articles Pro Telomere effect. A confrontation was held between Rakova and Mau, follows from the case file. The operational activities of the university are carried out in a regular mode, all internal processes are ongoing, — reported at the academy. Read on RBC Pro Pro Coinbase shares collapsed after the crypto.

The purpose of the bill— the opportunity for citizens “to receive state assistance, various benefits as conveniently as possible, without running around the authorities.”
In the new version of the law, pensions will be calculated automatically. Such rules should come into effect from January 1 next year, — said the prime minister. If a Russian has completed secondary or basic general education programs and has reached the age of 18, he will receive a pension until September 1 of the year in which he completed his studies. “Today we will consider amendments to the legislation that introduce an unclaimed procedure for assigning insurance or social pensions to minor children due to the loss of a breadwinner. Mishustin noted that the decision was made on behalf of the president. “Representatives of the child will not need to apply to the Pension Fund, as is the case now, personal presence and collection of documents will become optional, since all the necessary information will be transferred to a special information system from other departments,” — explained the prime minister. The provision also applies to those citizens who studied abroad. Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

Истoчник rbc.ru According to the law, family members of the deceased breadwinner are now recognized as disabled not only until they reach the age of 18. From 2023, minors will be able to receive survivor's pensions without application, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a government meeting. On June 1, the automatic extension of survivors' pensions for citizens aged 18 and over who graduated from school or college came into force.

Initially Art. On July 17, 2022, Andrey Fursenko will turn 73. He worked in this position until 2012, after which he became an assistant to the President of Russia. Read on RBC Pro Pro Connecting to the brain and not suitable for athletes: 7 myths about prostheses Articles Pro $115 billion lobbying: how the Koch brothers built their oil empire Instructions Pro Homo Deus. In the last year of his work in the ministry, he served as interim minister. Andrey Fursenko was born in 1949 in Leningrad. The document was published on the official portal of legal information. A revolutionary approach to a younger, healthier and longer life Summary Pro How to lift sanctions from a person or company. Step-by-step instructions Instructions
In 2004, Fursenko was appointed head of the Ministry of Education and Science. The current term of office of the former Minister of Education ends on July 17, 2022. As Minister of Education, Fursenko reformed the system of admission to higher educational institutions. From 2001 to 2003, he held various positions in the Ministry of Industry. 251 FZ “On the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation” assumed that the age limit for being in the civil service— 65 years old. A Brief History of Tomorrow Summary Pro Fast food and exercise for the brain: how Warren Buffett keeps himself in shape Articles Pro The telomere effect. The term of service of the Assistant to the President has been extended until July 17, 2023. In March last year, Putin signed a law abolishing age restrictions for civil servants he appoints. Andrey Fursenko
President Vladimir Putin signed an order to extend the term of civil service for his assistant Andrey Fursenko. Tags

Истoчник rbc.ru However, now the term of service of a civil servant replacing the position of the category “Leaders” the highest group of posts, can be extended up to the age of 70 years, and if necessary & mdash; and after reaching this age. Putin last extended Fursenko's term last July. Under him, in 2009, Russian schoolchildren began to take the exam and the GIA, later reformatted into the OGE.

Photo: en.wikipedia.org
Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi did not go to the official dinner of the G20 foreign ministers because of the likelihood the presence of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov there, the Kyodo agency reports. On Thursday, Lavrov met with Foreign Ministers of China Wang Yi and Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu. Истoчник www.mk.ru The agency said that this decision was made, since the presence of Hayashi at the dinner, where Lavrov will be, was considered inappropriate. The day before, Lavrov arrived on the island of Bali in Indonesia to participate in the meeting of the G20 foreign ministers.

As a result, more than 12 thousand Russian Muslims went on the hajj, the department noted. Because of this, not everyone will be able to make the pilgrimage. However, Spiritual The Muslim Board of Russia asked Saudi Arabia to increase the quota, and Riyadh agreed. It is also necessary to register for a visa through the official Motawif Internet portal. According to the new rule, people aged 18-65 who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with a two-component drug and have a negative PCR test will be able to visit Mecca. Истoчник www.mk.ru For Russian pilgrims, the quota before the pandemic was 25,000 people, this year it is 11,318. It is worth noting that the introduction of restrictions came as a surprise, the media write. Earlier, Saudi Arabia seriously reduced the number of pilgrims due to the pandemic, but this year the quota was increased to 1 million people. PHOTO: UNSPLASH.COM
Saudi Arabia has announced new Hajj rules for believers from Russia, Europe and the USA.

Истoчник www.mk.ru In his farewell speech, Boris Johnson promised the government of Ukraine to continue its support “for as long as necessary”. “This was the reason for Johnson’s frequent trips to Ukraine, each visit ended with the receipt of long-awaited cash, which today will have to be abandoned. A young wife and two new children constantly demanded additional expenses. Johnson all…» – the politician stated in the TG channel. Photo source: video screenshot. According to the ex-deputy of the Rada Ilya Kiva, Johnson built an effective system of “kickbacks” with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. As Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson constantly complained about his financial situation and asked for salary supplements. with the assistance provided to Kyiv.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the winners of the “Leaders of Russia” contest said that the government will do everything to help people who live and work in Donbass. Photo: Frame from video. Vladimir Putin. He noted that 3.7 million people live in two territories of Donbass. This is more than in Crimea,” Putin said, adding that it is necessary to make sure that people can live there and live in modern conditions. He stressed that the work there is not easy, so luck will not hurt. Истoчник www.mk.ru "That's not enough. He also wished good luck to one of the winners of the competition, who agreed to take the position Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Donetsk People's Republic.

“Ties with Ukraine have been lost, but with Russia they have not arisen,” Putin said, adding that this was accompanied by shelling and other manifestations of military pressure. Истoчник www.mk.ru Photo: kremlin.ru
Russian President Vladimir Putin described the situation that has been developing on the territory of the DPR and LPR for 8 years as ” isolation and genocide.”
Putin expressed this assessment when speaking at a meeting with the winners of the “Leaders of Russia” contest. The head of state said that many residents of Donbass had neither Ukrainian nor Russian passports, because of which they could not even buy a plane ticket and send their children to study.

The day before, he advised the United States not to dispose of Russia's foreign property, as she also has something to remember. Photo: Global Look Press
State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin wrote on the TG channel that the prime minister was a close friend and patron of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky British Minister Boris Johnson had to leave despite desperate attempts to stay in power. For example, Alaska transferred to Washington. He advised leaders of other states to think about the fiasco that the British politician suffered. “Boris Johnson is behind the shelling of our peaceful cities – Belgorod, Kursk. Истoчник www.mk.ru He is one of the main ideologists of the war against Russia to the last Ukrainian,” Volodin wrote. The very next day, billboards with the inscription: “Alaska is ours” appeared in Krasnoyarsk. British subjects should know this.

Since this process may take several weeks, and the Conservative Party will still have a majority in the government, the Cabinet may appoint an interim Prime Minister before the party will hold a proper leadership contest to choose Johnson's permanent successor. But, as The Guardian predicts, it is likely to face strong resistance. Two unnamed former ministers said in a commentary to The Guardian that Johnson could not premier until the fall. That's when the members of the party can make their final choice. And Johnson-appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nadhim Zahavi, gave the prime minister a “punch of mercy” in the heart, issuing a statement calling the situation bad for everyone – for the prime minister, for the Conservative Party “and, most importantly, for the whole country”: “You must do the right thing and leave now.”
By the way, the press also names him, a 55-year-old native of Baghdad, an Iraqi Kurd by origin, as a likely contender for the role of interim prime minister of the United Kingdom. However, it is unlikely that cabinet members and the Tory MPs will be glad of such a turn. The Committee of Conservative MPs will set the schedule for the contest, Sky News explains. As a result, the winner will become the leader of the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister. Wild images of Boris Johnson: pre-retirement footage of the British prime minister

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Истoчник www.mk.ru Doubtful. Photo: Global Look Press
Boris Johnson insists on keeping the post of head of government until the fall. If more than two deputies put forward their candidacies and receive enough nominations to run for leader, a series of secret ballots will be held to keep the number of contenders to a minimum. One of them said, “He needs to leave tonight. First of all, a competition for leadership will be held in the Conservative Party to determine the person who will replace the departed party leader. So, what should follow the resignation of Boris Johnson? < p> So maybe Johnson wants to stay in the premier's chair until the fall – but will his fellow party members allow him to do it? Leaving the post of leader of the Conservative Party, he still hopes to remain Prime Minister of Great Britain. The politician with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated after each round, until no two candidates left. Most likely, Johnson will be pressured to resign as soon as possible from the post of prime minister, giving way to an interim leader. How the British Conservatives will look for a replacement for the outgoing leader
Boris Johnson's political resourcefulness keeps him from resigning quietly. His strategy will probably be based on resigning only from the position of Tory party leader, while remaining head of government until the fall, while his fellow party members will look for a new replacement for the resigned leader. Raab should take control.” “Today, he needs to hand over the seals of the office and leave so that we can have an interim prime minister,” argues another ex-minister. Apparently, the politician is frantically looking for an opportunity to cling to leadership positions as long as possible. To enter the race, a Tory MP must be nominated by eight peers. Boris Johnson's formally announced resignation on Thursday looks like a capitulation in the face of a mass exodus of cabinet members from his government. Among the possible candidates are Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab or even former Prime Minister Theresa May, Johnson's predecessor. But the politician is ready to conduct tough rearguard battles.

All military facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Zmeiny will be liquidated quickly and without any risk to us. What are the conclusions from this story? For the sake of PR, Kyiv is ready to sacrifice the lives of its military
After a few days ago, Russian troops left Zmeiny Island, as it was said “as a gesture of goodwill”, military experts called this gift is a “Trojan horse”. The action was implemented in several passes. “They know how to make a disinformation campaign out of nothing. Commenting on the events around Zmeiny, military expert Captain 1st Rank in the reserve Volodymyr Gundarov noted that the Ukrainians “need blood from the nose as a symbol of victory” , at least some. Истoчник www.mk.ru The empty island was best suited for demonstrating the “overcome”. Now for a month they will tell from all the irons how they “captured” what was liquidated before the evacuation – radar, weapons and ammunition, ”Gundarov said. Send more – construction waste!”
Ukrainian politician Oleg Tsarev also commented on the Kyiv action on Zmeiny: “Ukraine held another flash mob, the practical benefit of which is zero.”
In his opinion, ” Odessa must be liberated, and the Serpent's Island will be a pleasant appendage to it, which we will automatically receive. First, they threw the flag of Ukraine from a helicopter onto the island and quickly flew away so as not to fall under fire. Firstly, Kyiv does not feel sorry for sacrificing the lives of several of its special forces for the sake of a beautiful picture. And they were right. Photo: Fotonak ru.wikipedia.org. Kyiv again suffered losses, this time for the sake of a PR campaign with the hoisting of the Ukrainian flag on this rock in the Black Sea. Well, and then there was a “salute” – the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, according to our Ministry of Defense, immediately struck with high-precision missiles. Well, and most importantly (experts warned about this) – Zmeiny and everything that happens around him are under the control of Russian surveillance equipment and in the zone of guaranteed destruction. This is a kind of mousetrap in which the Armed Forces of Ukraine have fallen, and if they do not change their tactics, they will fall more than once. Part of the military died, the rest managed to retreat by boat in the direction of the village of Primorskoye, Odessa region. In turn, a military expert, editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine ” Alexey Leonkov, commenting on the message of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, wrote on social networks: “I am satisfied with the work of the zero cycle carried out by the forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces on Zmeiny Island! A video filming was made with the unfolded “yellow-black” flag. At about 5 am, several Ukrainian soldiers landed on the island. According to him, on the night of July 7, an attempt was made to symbolically deliver the flag to Zmeiny. A few days later, special forces were sent to Serpentine on motor boats. The PR campaign was very necessary for Kyiv after the rapid surrender of Severodonetsk and Lysichansk. How this idea ended, the Russian Ministry of Defense said in a regular report.

Now this story can play into his hands – his supporters believe that his strength as a candidate for the role of the new party leader will be that he was not part of the Johnson cabinet. On the other hand, Sunak, during the coronavirus pandemic, took a prominent role in the government's response to the rampant COVID-19, announcing a number of measures to support for workers and businesses. The current chairman of the Select Committee on Health and Social Assistance, Jeremy Hunt, was Boris Johnson's 2019 rival in the second round of the last Conservative leadership election. Nor did he gain popularity from the fact that his wife, multimillionaire Akhshata Murthy, did not pay, as it turned out, British taxes on her significant international income. But as interior minister, Priti Patel has faced harsh criticism, in particular for her policy on illegal migrants crossing the English Channel in flimsy boats. Dealing the final blow to Johnson 36 hours after his appointment as Treasury Secretary, Nadhim Zahavi, could also claim the role of Tory leader. Who can lead the Conservatives and the UK government
After the announcement of the resignation of Boris Johnson, the ruling Conservative Party in the UK will have to choose a new leader who will become the future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Despite his lack of ministerial experience, the name Tugendhat is increasingly emerging as a suitable candidate for the next leader of the Conservative Party. An exclusive Sky News poll in January showed that nearly half of Tory members believe Rishi Sunak will make a better leader and win more seats than Johnson in the next election. Fired by Boris Johnson on July 6 for criticizing the prime minister as secretary of housing, communities and local government, 54-year-old Michael Gove is considered one of the most experienced candidates if he decided to run for the leadership of the conservatives. True, amid outrage, the woman confirmed that she would do it. After Sunak made a series of political moves (such as increasing national insurance contributions) that did not sit well with Conservative MPs, his popularity plummeted. The victorious Johnson – to the surprise of many – did not play nobility and fired Hunt from the post of foreign secretary. On the other hand, her popularity among the right wing of the parliamentary party means that her candidacy should not be thrown off accounts. While his weighty positions may put him in a good starting position in choosing a new Tory leader, his 2019 bid for the post was unsuccessful and many doubt he will be able to garner enough support from Conservative MPs this time around. Photo: Global Look Press
The 42-year-old chancellor of the exchequer (actually head of the Treasury) with Indian roots, who left in protest against the policies of Boris Johnson, was seen by many Conservative MPs as the leader in the race among possible successors Johnson. For a time, Priti Patel, 50, was born to Indian migrant Uganda, was considered the darling of the broad masses of conservatives. In addition, he was covered in the Partygate scandal. But people's love is an unstable thing. Long experience in government speaks in his favor, as well as conflicts with Johnson. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has long been seen as a potential successor to Johnson, and polls show she is popular with members of the Conservative Party. Various politicians can claim the role of the new head of the Tories, and, accordingly, the British government. Sajid Javid has held almost all senior cabinet positions: most recently, until his controversial resignation this week, he was minister of health and previously served as chancellor, interior minister, housing minister, commercial secretary and minister of culture. Not considered a favorite, Tom Tugendhat, current chairman of the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs, is ready to try his hand at the leadership struggle among the Conservatives after the departure of Johnson. For example, in the situation with the Ukrainian crisis and in the confrontation with Russia. It turned out that she is the longest serving member of the Cabinet of Ministers of all her colleagues in the government, holding various positions under David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson. She was a major supporter of Boris Johnson's 2019 leadership bid, for which she was rewarded with an appointment as Home Secretary. Considered a long-time ally of Boris Johnson, he has said he is “not interested” in leadership and considers it a privilege to be in the position he currently holds. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has risen in popularity among party members in recent months amid the Ukraine crisis. And this week, he succeeded Rishi Sunak as chancellor, but called on Johnson to resign. Consider their candidates. In particular, it is she who is credited with the authorship of the famous scheme to send British asylum-seeking immigrants to Rwanda for “overexposure”. After serving in various junior ministerial positions, his success as minister of vaccines led to him being promoted to minister of education. Wild images of Boris Johnson: footage of the British prime minister before his resignation
< img src="https://static.mk.ru/upload/entities/2022/07/07/12/photoreportsImages/detailPicture/0c/8e/31/40/6f70c8c72ae4d34301a526875c609e5e.jpg" height="400" width=" 600" />
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Истoчник www.mk.ru Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney General Dominic Raab was acting prime minister when Boris Johnson contracted COVID in the spring of 2020. His role in organizing the evacuation of refugees and British citizens from Afghanistan has also been praised. Tugendhat has stated that it would be a “huge privilege” for him to become prime minister, a job he once compared to winning the lottery. Lise Truss has been an MP since 2010 and has since climbed steadily up the ministerial ladder. In the media, she is called the “new iron lady”, and the head of the Foreign Office plays along with this image with pleasure. The former soldier has been sharply critical of the British government's handling of the Afghan crisis. The 52-year-old son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver exemplifies the self-made man who became a high-profile investment banker and then a top politician.

I, of course, got used to the fact that we have been told for 8 years that we ourselves are shelling ourselves. An employee of the fund came to us, apologized for the failed meeting, offered to become the Ambassador of Peace in the Donbass, handed a business card and left. Everything that adults are doing now will have to be sorted out by us, the children of the 21st century. At least a few words about it? Including Ukrainian ones. Photo: Personal archive
– You know, I have many friends whose data is on the Peacemaker. In collaboration with Russian writer Alexander Kontorovich, in 2021, Faina wrote a novel about the children of Donbass, Standing Behind Your Shoulder. – Well, the difference in their perception when you are 5 and 13 years old is huge. But thanks to the army, I can more or less live in Luhansk and be less afraid for my life. And she directly related to Faina Savenkova, a 13-year-old resident of Lugansk, whose data was posted there in October 2021. Has anyone commented on the arrested and missing politicians and journalists in Ukraine? I hope the owners of the “Peacemaker” will answer for their crimes. Life changed more when I publicly opposed my data being posted on this site. But I don't lose hope. – I think that my work. Journalists call me the voice of the children of Donbass. In response, the representative of the UN Secretary General only urged not to use children for political purposes. She wrote letters to French President Macron, the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and British rock musician Roger Waters, as well as American political commentator Tucker Carlson. In 2014, I sat in the basement and counted the explosions of shells, praying that they didn’t hit. Ukraine destroys children, women. Therefore, I am at home, as are my loved ones. It is impossible for people to get into such situations. But two hours before it, something changed in the plans of the fund's employees. How Faina lives today and what she dreams about – she told MK about this. The side of Ukraine and the USA is accepted. – Probably creativity and optimism. But after my appeal, independent media haunted him for two weeks. – There are no constant shellings of Lugansk now. Just private individuals. No, he is not really lost, of course. So I'm doing everything right. Evil is always punished. Now you, the human rights activists of the Russian Foundation for the Fight against Repressions, have begun to deal with my case. Criminals. Therefore, such an attitude, and anger is in power, that the site “Peacemaker”. Especially if we don't leave now. After all, I was brought there not for crossing the border and not for the flag of Russia, but for creativity and my position on the Donbass. – It cannot be said that I have any significant experience. It was very disappointing that a foundation that was supposed to protect children behaved this way, and the UN Secretary General expressed his concern. Before you start chatting with new acquaintances, you have to check who they are. After all, this site is not only me, but there are other children. I don’t know if anything has changed since the beginning of the special operation, since Denisova is no longer in this position. People live, take exams for children, write songs under shelling, work in shops and hospitals. Even if they are not there, then after such an appeal they will definitely be brought in. Calling for an end to the massacres of civilians in the Donbass, Faina tried to reach out to the political and spiritual leaders of Europe. I really hope that there will be people who will definitely close this site and punish everyone involved in its creation. But in Europe and the United States, there are still independent journalists and ordinary citizens who do not want a war with Russia and understand that half of what they hear on television is a lie. Photo: From personal archive
– It's more difficult with this one. I am no longer surprised by what they do. No matter how hard it is. I hope the situation will change soon. Of course, Russia could not send its army to help the Donbass, because Russian soldiers are also dying. It got to the point that for a long time they could not decide who I was – a propagandist or a victim of propaganda. We were lucky then. Who are they? But they still hear me, even if not the whole world. It shouldn't be like that. He must believe in a good ending to the story. There is little good in this. This whole story has reached the UN Secretary General, UNICEF. The site published the personal data of Faina and her family members, including the address of residence and links to personal accounts on social networks. So unexpectedly quickly I became a representative of UNICEF. This is our house. There were many honest people among them. Unfortunately, now many Ukrainian politicians who supported me have been arrested or left. The person who has the authority to talk to children is lost. And imagine that the one who should speak on behalf of the children leaves. From the age of 11, she has been describing her emotions and impressions in literary works, talking about how the children of Donbass suffer, who have nothing to do with the conflict. Most of all, I was angered by the fact that they themselves got confused in their lies. A year ago, I started to fight the “Peacemaker” alone, but over time, journalists in the Russian Federation and Europe, politicians began to help me. I don't know. Истoчник www.mk.ru But I'm an optimist. I don't think my data should be online. – First, I was brought to the “Peacemaker”, and my mother a year later. There, of course, they can also say that I am a science fiction writer and you can’t believe me, but here is a common example: Ukrainian troops are now brutally shelling the cities of Donbass, children are dying. After the publication on Peacemaker, she wrote a letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres asking for help in influencing the government of Ukraine so that the personal information of all minor children was urgently removed from the site, and the resource itself was blocked. Faina was added to the lists after she recorded a video message to the UN calling for an end to the genocide of the children of Donbass. So, probably, I understood this from the frightened faces of my parents and the roar that was on June 2, when Ukrainian aircraft hit Lugansk. – In 2014, the fighting took place not so far from my house and then we did not leave. After all, there are not only nationalists, but also maniacs, child traffickers and just scammers. Even now, when Russia is conducting a special operation in Ukraine, and Ukraine is brutally shelling our cities, people are trying to hold on and not lose heart. To be a human rights activist, one must not only study, the main thing is to be open-minded, if there is injustice, to be able to show it to others. Now almost all international human rights organizations do not notice what is happening in our country. But what then, what now I did not doubt the correctness of this decision. About a month ago, a Ukrainian rocket landed at the Luhansk oil depot. While the “Peacemaker” continues to work, constantly uploads my articles and interviews at home, follows my life. Therefore, now I live a little differently: they see me off and meet me, meetings are discussed in advance. – In 2014 I was five years old. In addition to fairy tales, I wrote about what is happening in our Donbass, and besides, I am a regular participant in the fantasy festival in Donetsk, and many people in Ukraine like my fairy tales and plays. It's just, probably, someone really asked UNICEF not to do this. And the only country that can save us is Russia. I guess I knew that someday I would get there. And that's when I got scared, yes. This became an international scandal, which is why many times they tried to portray me as the result of a special operation by the special services and the Russian Foreign Ministry. Someone jokes about it, someone is proud. At this time, we were supposed to be in the Regional State Administration area, where everything happened. Have you heard a word from global human rights activists or UNICEF? If you look at how brutally Donetsk and the cities of the DPR are being shelled, then we are relatively calm. That was the end of his participation. And I have never heard of anyone refusing to go to work. Faina continues to tell people in Europe and the world about the ongoing shelling of civilians in the Donbass and the situation of children in the region. Unexpectedly for the nationalists, the ombudsman expressed his attitude to this situation and asked the cyber police of Ukraine to open a criminal case in order to close the Peacemaker website. But we cannot verify this. Photo: From personal archive
Recently, a young writer colleague with the unusual name Faina, who has lived most of her life under endless shelling from the Ukrainian armed forces and nationalists controlled by them, wrote to me on social networks. I just know that children should not be silent. – I don't think so.Yes, personally Macron and the Pope did not hear me. But the main thing is that they broke the law. Adults often do not hear each other and something needs to be done about it. They asked our Foreign Ministry of the LPR to organize a meeting with me. A rocket may, of course, fly in, but the people in the Donbass are strong. After the UN reaction, my story was noticed by the Ombudsman for Human Rights in Ukraine. Of the human rights organizations in the world, only UNICEF paid attention. Trying to attract the attention of politicians and prominent public figures, she allegedly wanted only one thing: to be heard. How can I leave, leave everything? Of course, I am not Greta Thunberg, I do not have such support, and not the girl Ella from Hamburg with a huge media support. Her novels and short stories have been published in many foreign publications, including English, Serbian, Italian, Bulgarian, Arabic, French and German. Can I be objective? The President of France waved me off, I'm a child from Donbass, not Ukraine or France. Perhaps because I did not understand much. I believe in fairy tales, in miracles, and I write for children, and a storyteller cannot but be an optimist. – When I signed a letter from 100 science fiction writers in support of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, many condemned me. There were also threats. But I wasn't as scared as I am now. According to rumors, the SBU opened criminal cases against me and my mother. Such is our character. Young writer Faina Savenkova spoke about her life
“To be eliminated” is a recommendation posted on the controversial Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”. Shoots at kindergartens, schools, houses, because of which people die. Therefore, at first, of course, there were emotions, but then I decided that something had to be done about it. Therefore, they no longer have faith. And then, when he was forced to pay attention to it. Representatives of the fund were even going to come to Lugansk.