The last time Putin flew to Iran was in the fall of 2018. Истoчник Now in Tehran +41 degrees. Putin arrived in the Iranian capital on a one-day visit. The residence of the Russian leader in Tehran will be the Espinas hotel. Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
The meeting of Russian and Iranian Presidents Vladimir Putin and Ibrahim Raisi began in Tehran. The presidents are expected to discuss bilateral cooperation and international issues. Putin will also take part in the summit of the guarantor countries of the Astana agreement on Syria. Experts predicted that following Putin's visit to Tehran, a cooperation agreement with Iran would be signed, a final decision was made on the export of Ukrainian grain, as well as questions settlement of the situation in Syria.

Photo: Global Look Press
The Russian military destroyed more than 10 Ukrainian MLRS near the Udachnoe railway station during unloading in the DPR ” Grad” and eight units of armored vehicles, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported. In the area of ​​u200bu200bthe settlement of Novy Donbass in the Donetsk People's Republic, two Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters were destroyed by rocket artillery on a field airfield, and two more rotorcraft received serious damage, shared details in the Russian military department. Истoчник

According to Markelov, NATO members are tired of US pressure, and they want equality, create their own weapons, strengthen and be on an equal footing. The opinions of domestic experts regarding the dissolution of NATO in a conversation with Vechernyaya Moskva were divided, but experts believe that changes are inevitable anyway. However, the specialist is convinced that the alliance will definitely be “rebooted”, as the mood of its members in the world is changing. According to Zhuravlev, the liquidation of NATO is the destruction of a sore tooth, due to which the level of political and military tension in the world will drop sharply, which will be a very good outcome, including for Russia. Markelov concluded that the alliance will “transform in all directions”, but this process will be long and difficult. He explained that Germany is the main country in the European Union, and the United States has a significant influence on it. The political scientist predicts that the internal content and principles of interaction in the alliance will soon change. The political scientist stressed that the existence of two blocks of the alliance had a certain stabilizing value, and at the moment there is only a clear call for aggression. The expert suggests that these countries will insist that the organization deal with security, and not create tense structures around the world. Photo: Global Look Press
Political scientist Dmitry Zhuravlev admits the possibility of the dissolution of the North Atlantic Alliance, but not in the near future. The expert recalled that before there were two NATO blocs, and later only one remained, and if there is not a single one, then everyone will only get better from this. Read also:The political scientist called the turning point in the special operation in Ukraine
Истoчник As Markelov noted, NATO was created on the basis of the illusion of collective security, but the alliance will now align its history under the pressure of secondary states. Political scientist Sergei Markelov, in turn, believes that the dissolution of NATO is impossible, but the alliance is now experiencing problems and is waiting for a “reset”, which can be expressed in the weakening of US influence. Thus, according to the political scientist, NATO will create protective weapons, and the armies will be set up to maintain the sovereignty of countries, although now they are set up only to violate foreign borders. Nevertheless, the specialist believes that the very fact of the emergence of thoughts about the dissolution of NATO is proof that things will go to dissolution. “This is the destruction of a bad tooth”
Bundestag deputy from the Left Party Sevim Dagdelen said on July 18 that EU countries should prepare for the dissolution of the North Atlantic Alliance and start pursuing a policy that is not based on views USA. According to the expert, the dissolution of NATO could be a disaster for the Western world, since the countries are too accustomed to this military bloc, and its elimination will be too painful.

Cooperation in this format lasts more than one year. Истoчник For example, more than a decade ago, Russia supplied Iran with several radar stations, which became known not so long ago. However, in the same way, if he needs to, he will step on the interests of Russia and Iran. Despite the fact that we are pursuing different goals here, cooperation and contacts between our three countries continue. It is indicative in the sense that our leader cannot be isolated from international affairs, as the United States is trying to achieve. For Vladimir Putin, this is one of the few foreign visits since the beginning of the special military operation. Even now, when the United States is pressing so hard on all countries in an attempt to isolate Russia from the world, Erdogan does not want to sacrifice Turkey's interests for the sake of the United States. – The meeting is held within the framework of the Astana process, where Russia, Iran and Turkey are the guarantors of the peace processes in Syria. This collaboration is still ongoing. – Military cooperation with Iran has been developing quite actively in our country before. For example, long-range kamikaze drones are a kind of analogue of cruise missiles, but much cheaper and with minimal visibility. I think that the purchase of such weapons in Iran could also be of interest to us. Iran is interested in manned combat fighters and attack helicopters. For example, in Syria we were on the same side. If at one time we bought a license from Israel for the production of Searcher reconnaissance drones – we produced them under the name “Forpost”, – now such contracts are basically impossible, the United States will not allow this to Israel. Much harder than a few years ago. And in itself, this visit will certainly give a significant impetus to the development of our relations, primarily with Iran. Even if some specific deals are made, the parties will probably keep them as secret as possible. It turns out that the first country that can be attributed to the Middle East region is joining the SCO, which is very important. Previously, both countries were silent, as this was primarily due to sanctions against Iran. The Israelis are well aware that for their part they cannot offer us any alternative. But in any case, this is a person with whom you can do business and negotiate. In addition, the States cover the Kurds in northeast Syria, and Erdogan has his own problems with the Kurds. Agreements can be reached there, which, quite likely, we will not know about in the near future, but they will be very important in the coming years. And now in terms of military aviation, I think Iran is showing a strong interest in our capabilities. Although our industry is increasing production, it is not done instantly. – Iran, of course, denies any accusations of helping and supplying weapons to the Houthis, but judging by the information coming from the field about the technical data of the drones, these were Iranian drones. Some of the sanctions were only lifted in 2020. The close attention of many countries is now riveted to it. In recent years, this direction has been a priority for Iran. – Israel is probably not too pleased with such a rapprochement between Russia and Iran. Previously, we also tried to maintain a certain balance in the field of military-technical cooperation with Israel and Iran. Now it is difficult for him to work with us. Erdogan has repeatedly proved that he is an independent strong player in the international arena. And this applies not only to the North-South transport corridor or trade issues. First of all – naval. However, now it is rather difficult to say what is really happening between Russia and Iran in the field of unmanned aircraft. In addition, Iran is currently undergoing the procedure for admission to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which also has a security component between the SCO member countries. – Undoubtedly. If only because this is a large-scale operation, the consumption of such ammunition is large. The technology is very outdated. Both countries have something to offer each other. In general, Iran has a fairly developed military industry and a large range of products. The talks will be held both within the framework of the Astana format to resolve the situation with Syria, and within the framework of personal meetings. And in this regard, contacts with Iran and Russia are very important for him. This was demonstrated when the Yemeni Houthis attacked oil installations in Saudi Arabia last year, using drones filled with explosives in addition to missiles. And if we remember that Iran plans to join the BRICS countries, then the importance of our bilateral cooperation will increase even more. – Of course, the most interesting topic for us is Iranian drones. Russia and Iran act here as allies of the Syrian government, while Turkey acts as the main guarantor acting in the interests of the Syrian opposition. Now, given that sanctions have also been announced against us, I think no one will spread any deals in the military-technical field, all the more so. Turkey de facto protects the province of Idlib in northern Syria, where Turkish troops are stationed. He really needs them, since Iran itself, due to many years of international sanctions, cannot yet produce them. – The meeting is very important. He created a very wide range of unmanned vehicles: reconnaissance, strike and so-called kamikaze drones. But then what can be resentment? Erdogan does not want to violate the interests of Turkey for the sake of Washington's interests – the United States is far away. Moreover, these are the regional centers of power closest to Turkey. But now it is clear that we will move away from Israel and develop closer cooperation with Iran. Iran's joining the SCO is a landmark event both from a political and military point of view. At least they are very similar. It happens that something becomes known only years later, when it is no longer possible to hide it. Iran is located on the border of the Near and Middle East. Photo : Iran has indeed achieved very good results in the creation of drones. On the eve of the meeting, “MK” talked about possible agreements with a military expert, editor of the publication “Persian Bastion” Yuri Lyamin. The fact is that military-technical cooperation between our countries is often very closed. “The parties will keep the deal secret”
Today, July 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin is meeting with the leaders of Iran and Turkey in Tehran. And if for this he needs to go against the United States and NATO, he will do it, which he has already proved. They could interest us right now, in the conditions of the special operation in Ukraine. We have joint military exercises with Iran from time to time. Photo:
– Iran has good models of rockets, anti-tank missiles, guided missiles. But, on the other hand, Israel has its own limitations in terms of military-technical cooperation with us, since Israel is very much tied to the United States in this area. They acted there as allies in the fight against terrorism. Some contracts may not be disclosed at all. Prior to this, Iran could not acquire almost anything abroad for its Air Force. In addition to political and economic, we also have many military and military-technical aspects for possible interaction. Air defense systems purchased by the Saudis in the United States simply did not notice them and let them through. And they have such unique models that no one else has.

The American president gets it from his opponents and for miscalculations in the Ukrainian direction. “We have no money for anyone,” he told HuffPost. Therefore, any money that is allocated to be sent to another country must first be borrowed from the other country. She – as an ethnic Ukrainian – was even invited to the ceremony of signing the Lend-Lease law by Biden to help Kyiv. Europeans have always been worried about Biden's rush to confront Russia in Ukraine. Even among the Republicans, McGregor occupies a special position : he not only once supported the annexation of Crimea to Russia, but also said that the same should be done with the Donbass. – The Czech Defense Minister knows, he said that some of these weapons will be smuggled out of Ukraine: “It is difficult to avoid trade or smuggling. Moreover, Spartz urged Biden to brief Congress on years of allegations against Zelensky's chief of staff, Andriy Yermak. “What will happen to these weapons? She, among other things, advocated the adoption of a bill allowing US citizens to fight on the side of Ukraine, and supported the law on the elimination of bureaucratic delays in the delivery of American aid to Kyiv. At a time when many people in the United States are out of work and those who work are rapidly becoming poorer due to inflation, Congressmen are voting to provide tens of billions of dollars to help Kyiv, according to Tucker Carlson. The tight-fisted politician objected to the scale of the spending: “Congress just wants to keep spending and spending.” Rand Paul demanded that the legislation be changed so that spending in Ukraine is controlled by the Inspector General. But that doesn't stop congresswomen from accusing President Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart Zelenskiy of “playing politics with people's lives” as the conflict rages with no end in sight. Photo: Global Look Press
Republican Victoria Spartz, representing the state of Indiana, was one of the first members of Congress to visit Ukraine after the conflict began. However, Rand Paul's disagreement with the Biden administration is not only about purely financial issues. Pentagon chief Christopher Miller, a post he held until Trump left the White House in January 2021. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan was long overdue, but the timing and method of withdrawal demonstrated that the US military was not only poorly commanded, but the planning and implementation of the withdrawal from Kabul was disastrous. According to her, he sought to “prevent Ukraine from properly preparing” for a conflict with Russia. At the end of the Trump presidency, in November 2020, the colonel was appointed senior adviser to acting. Such statements gave rise to his fellow party member Liz Cheney to declare that Doug McGregor represents “Putin's wing of the Republican Party.”
Tucker Carlson: “Nobody Knows Where Guns Go”
Tucker Carlson, another well-known conservative commentator, host of one of the most popular cable news programs in the US, Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, has repeatedly lashed out at the Biden administration for the fact that the Democratic government considers the interests of Ukraine more important than the interests of the Americans. Among 11 members of the Senate from the “good old party” he voted against an increase in the funds allocated to Kyiv. Photo: Global Look Press
Carlson, 53, who is considered “perhaps the most famous supporter of Trumpism,” as Politico puts it, recently commented sharply on Biden's statements, which promised to “support Ukraine for as long as it takes.”
“For as long as it takes! For the most part, supporters of the Republicans pursue their own interests, especially since the midterm elections to Congress are on the nose – and here every bast is in the line. …
You have to ask: once we send these weapons to Ukraine, where will they go? Well, nobody knows where they're going. Since January of this year, the Biden administration has sent about $8 billion to Ukraine for so-called security assistance alone. No sooner had the Russian special operation begun than the former US president blamed Biden's “weakness, cowardice and incompetence” for everything. But she recently issued a blunt statement: “President Biden needs to stop playing politics, have a clear strategy, and align security assistance with our strategy.”
According to her, Congress should “establish proper oversight of Ukraine's critical infrastructure and arms transfers.” By the way, the concerns expressed by Victoria Spartz about inadequate oversight of US military aid packages to Kyiv have been supported in recent weeks by a number of Democrats who fear that modern weapons and military equipment supplied by the Americans may end up in the wrong hands. Well, the Ukrainian oligarchs are getting richer, getting richer. Carlson continues. Even anti-Russian members of Congress do not agree with the actions of the White House
Returning from the Middle East tour, US President Biden found himself under a new wave of criticism, not only because the country continues to rising inflation and gas station prices, but also in connection with flirting with the infamous Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the States. US officials, representatives of the Biden administration admitted this to The Wall Street Journal. This includes missile systems, howitzers, ammunition, radar systems, etc., etc. And number one here, of course, is Donald Trump, who smashes the actions of his main opponent, who defeated him in the 2020 presidential election, to smithereens. Now the Europeans see that a clash with Russian military power is quite possible… However, such a possibility does not seem to have crossed President Biden's mind. And if Biden and company blame Putin for all the economic troubles of the United States, then the Republicans, looking at the upcoming elections, lay the responsibility for the American turmoil on the current owners of the White House. While the American economy is heading towards complete destruction, Ukrainians are dying, who wins? – Whatever it costs for Ukraine! According to Trump, if he was in power, the conflict in Ukraine would never have started. Photo:
In his latest op-ed, McGregor writes: “Determined to fight his proxy war with Russia to the end, Biden is losing the battle in Ukraine and his beloved deified horse, NATO, is on life support. If so, then he should think about it. He called for the imposition of economic sanctions against Moscow and to take steps to urgently help the United States to European countries so that they get rid of their dependence on Russian energy resources. We did not achieve this in the former Yugoslavia and probably will not avoid it in Ukraine.” This is madness. By the way, about oil: Rand Paul criticized Biden for the fact that the American president “bowed too much” in front of the Saudis in the hope of increasing the supply of “black gold”: “Instead of going to Saudi Arabia, he should have gone to Texas or North Dakota and asked our country to increase supplies rather than begging the Saudis and bowing before them.”
* * *
Despite the fact that American conservatives scold Democratic President Biden for the wrong strategy and tactics in the context of the Ukrainian crisis, this rhetoric should not be taken solely as a nod to Russia (if this happens, it is extremely rare). Suffice it to quote the words of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, who said: “The victory over the Russians in Ukraine is the most important thing for world peace, which we are dealing with at the moment. The only thing falling faster than Biden's approval ratings is the US and European economies.”
The retired American colonel continues: “Each NATO member state recognizes that the longer the conflict continues, the more likely it is that the fighting will spill over into the Eastern European NATO member states. Истoчник The activity of congresswomen with a Ukrainian background caused sharp indignation in Kyiv, where, through the mouth of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleg Nikolenko, Victoria Spartz was called upon to “stop trying to earn extra political capital on baseless speculations” on the topic of “grief of Ukrainians.”
Rand Paul: “The US pushed the Kremlin into a special operation”
Prominent critics of Biden's Ukraine policy include Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. He accused the White House of actually pushing the Kremlin into an operation against the country, which, as he recalled in a dispute with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, was a former part of the Soviet Union by advocating the admission of Ukraine to NATO. Tucker Carlson was indignant on the air. Photo: AP
But besides Trump, there are many prominent figures in the conservative camp who criticize Biden's actions on the Ukrainian conflict. As for the very idea of ​​a tough confrontation with Moscow, here, as you know, the two main American parties have reached a consensus that is rare for them. Now, the ex-president continues his philippic, the situation threatens to escalate into World War III, and Biden, who is trying to fill the void due to Russian oil import bans, “is now crawling around the world on his knees, begging and begging Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela for mercy.” “”. Nobody is watching. But Senator Paul does not even smell of any sympathy towards Russia. Moreover, the reason for criticism of the democratic administration can be both insufficient rigidity towards Russia and “excesses” – but not because it is a pity for the Russians, but because these very “excesses” (such as sanctions on energy resources) they hit the Americans. These are complex and deadly weapon systems. What is happening to him? The Russians simply need to be defeated.”
The difference between Republican and Democratic politicians in their attitude to the Ukrainian crisis and the need to “defeat the Russians” is only in the nuances. If you wanted to make Eastern Europe dangerous and unstable for generations, that's exactly what you did.”
Victoria Spartz: “Biden should stop playing” < /strong>
If in the words of Colonel McGregor one can, if desired, see pro-Russian sympathies, then it is difficult to suspect them of 43-year-old Victoria Spartz, the first and only member of the US House of Representatives born in Ukraine (formerly Vika Kulgeiko, a native of Nosovka, in the Chernihiv region, who moved to 2000 to the States). “I mean, every year we lose a trillion dollars. Photo: Global Look Press
As you know, 59-year-old Senator Paul, who has a reputation as a “financial hawk”, single-handedly delayed the approval of US aid to Kyiv in the amount of $40 billion. Douglas McGregor: 'NATO horse is in intensive care'
An article just appeared in The American Conservative magazine by retired Colonel Douglas McGregor, who at one time almost became the US ambassador to Germany, where Trump wanted to send him (but Congress blocked this appointment). Joe Biden Photo: AP
Donald Trump: “There would be no conflict in Ukraine”
Biden's Ukrainian policy receives the most powerful blows of criticism from the Republican-conservative camp.

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Истoчник He stated that the “cleaning of the Black Sea” began with the island of Zmeiny, and the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation would soon be attacked. Photo:
In conversation with “” Komoyedov expressed the opinion that the Ukrainians “navel will be untied” to destroy the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and “reconquer” the Crimea. According to the admiral, the Ukrainian masters of deception, or rather, “nonsense”, are capable of anything. Nevertheless, the admiral admits that she herself the big loss in the current situation is the cruiser “Moskva”. According to him, instead of the Black Sea Fleet, Ukraine is creating a river fleet, and the admiral is wondering if she is going to destroy the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation “on the oars.”
Komoedov stressed that long-range weapons are not destruction, and even not defeat, but only a threat. In addition, he recalled that Ukraine has Arestovich, who says that the main weapon is “nonsense”, without which there is no victory, so the Ukrainians can “Polish”. “Let them go Pole”
Vladimir Gavrilov, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, in an interview published in the British newspaper Times, promised to destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet and “recapture” Crimea. According to Komoyedov, the Ukrainians also had an American hand in its destruction. Former commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, has strong doubts about Ukraine's intentions.

However, we have been “colleagues” since February 24 of this year. Vladimir Putin and Ebrahim Raisi in Ashgabat Photo: Global Look Press
Of course, any political analogies are conditional, and any political mirrors have a certain amount of “curvature”. Iran now is not just the closest ally, ideological ally and political partner of the Kremlin. The West has been taking tough, very tough, exceptionally tough, cruel measures against Iran since 1979. But I also saw something else – a country whose economy was not thrown back into the “Stone Age”, but continues to function more or less successfully at the modern level. But that period of drift from allied relations with the West to absolute antagonism towards the same West, which in Russia took at least 15 years – from Putin's Munich speech in 2007 to the start of a special operation in Ukraine in 2022 – fit in Iran only in a few months or even weeks. This was stated by US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen during a visit to South Korea. Now the following is important: the decisive political turn that Russia made in 2022 took place in Iran 42 years ago. However, that is not what matters now. But visiting Iran is definitely not just a “diplomatic courtesy visit”. Having visited Iran four years ago, I personally saw all the hardships of life under a permanent economic blockade by the United States. The United States will “punch” Moscow with no less tenacity than they “punch” Iran under its eighth president. Photo: Global Look Press
Of course, I would not dare to say that nothing at all. Please, here is the present for you. In our recent past, the following anecdote was popular: an optimist in Russia studies English, the pessimist is Chinese, and the realist is the Kalashnikov assault rifle. But even against the background of the unofficial “global anti-American front”, Iran is something completely exceptional. But it seems that our country will not reach the point of making similar changes to the Basic Law. So what? Moscow's new (or not entirely new) “privileged partner” is a state with almost the most unique political system in the world. How about the following passage from the Iranian Constitution: “The Islamic Republic is a system government based on faith in… the Last Judgment and its constructive role in human perfection on the path to God.”
The strengthening of the role of the religious factor is now a pronounced trend in Russian politics. This thesis of mine may seem somewhat “voluntaristic”. Russia and Iran are very different powers in their caliber and in their weight. It is clear that under the conditions of a special operation, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief cannot leave his country for too long. Are there few other countries in the world whose bosses pursue an anti-American political course and please the population with anti-American political rhetoric? Today's Iran is also a kind of mirror of the Russian tomorrow, a country based on whose experience we can understand and calculate what awaits us. The Hidden Meaning of VVP’s Visit to Iran
Vladimir Putin has visited Iran — the significance of this news goes far beyond the fact that in recent months, for obvious reasons, the master of the Kremlin has rarely travels outside of Russia. Истoчник In conditions when Russia is just getting used to the total economic blockade by the West, this fact can serve as a very important intellectual “foothold”. Iran has made the US leaders feel a sense of deep humiliation. Judge for yourself how exactly in our current realities it is worth “modernizing” this joke. Breaking news from the news feed: “The West is ready to crack down on countries that are abusing or disrupting the global economic order. From the moment of the coup d'état organized by the CIA in Tehran in 1952 until the overthrow of the Shah in 1979 Iran was, to use Russian political jargon, “the long nineties”: a period during which the country played the role of a junior political partner of the United States. The answer is obvious: a lot (although not as much as Moscow would like). Fresh legend, but hard to believe – or at least partially unbelievable. Too much history? But here is what must be part of such a “modernization”: a realist in our country is simply obliged to study the Iranian political, economic and social experience in detail. Iran is the country that made the American political elite forget their favorite principle of nothing personal (“nothing personal”). Since 1979, the country that Putin has now visited has officially been the most anti-American state on the planet. Iran de facto toppled one American president (Jimmy Carter lost the election in 1981 as a result of the failure of his policy towards the new authorities of Tehran) and almost toppled another (during his second term, Ronald Reagan miraculously avoided impeachment due to the scandal ” Iran-Contra). It's even a pity that Vladimir Putin decided to make his Iranian visit very short.

Watching the course of hostilities around Seversk, some military analysts remembered the battles for Severodonetsk. – In this case, I would not bother too much with Ukrainian propaganda. The commander-in-chief previously withdrew troops from the city, but was forced to return them there after he received an order to stand in Seversk until at least July 20 – on this day, the Rammstein-4 international conference of Western defense ministers is to be held online. And that's why it makes no sense to simply occupy Seversk just to be shot at. Allied forces advance on the cities of Seversk, Soledar and Artemovsk. To strike pointwise at the Crimea… But even now they are pointwise strike at our territories. From Slavyansk, Kramatorsk is also visible. Истoчник According to military expert Vladislav Shurygin, the theory of the “brave defense of Seversk”, which they are supposedly going to present to the West and ask for military assistance, is too complicated – everything is much simpler:
– In fact, everything is explained by geographical location. When it is taken, the issue of advancing Kramatorsk-Konstantinovka-Druzhkovskoye will be resolved automatically. Next – Slavyansk. – They have been promising this counterattack for four months now, but so far it has not been seen anywhere and the resource for this counterattack is also not observed. It's bad for health. Nevertheless, the main actions continue and are taking place in the north of the republic. Slavyansk is a very important defense center. – Slavyansk is a key point dominating the whole area. Seversk itself is at the bottom. The only moment is when they occupied the territories from which we left. The Americans have not given anything so far that they could reach him. When approaching the city, they simply left the city, and ours caught on to its outskirts. Therefore, now ours are standing on the outskirts and processing the heights in order to remove the APU. The APU has very few combat capabilities. From all sides it is surrounded by heights, on which, in fact, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now located. Photo: Global Look Press
According to the deputy head of the people's militia of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, the intensity of shelling has significantly decreased. When we were moving away from Kyiv, they went ahead and declared it a “great offensive.” In all other cases, when they tried to counterattack, they retreated with heavy losses. In the same place, by the way, is the famous mountain Karachun. When this is done, Seversk will automatically become ours. But as soon as ours entered, they immediately came under fire. And, most importantly, I have not yet seen a successful experience of the Ukrainian offensive anywhere. Military expert Vladislav Shurygin spoke about Kyiv's game for the public
The course of development of the special operation in Ukraine in the area of ​​Seversk, Slavyansk and the possibility of a counterattack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region were assessed for “MK” by military expert Vladislav Shurygin. This does not decide the outcome of the war, or even the outcome of battles. Because they have nothing to reach the Crimea now. According to Shurygin, the Ukrainians will not be able to counterattack Kherson, which is up to Seversk – the issue will soon be resolved by the allied forces. This is rather for the public, so that we can sit and discuss and scare ourselves. On the agenda of the meeting is an increase in military assistance to Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky, analysts are sure, again did not listen to the commander-in-chief of the armed forces Valery Zaluzhny.

A huge scandal will break out. The first is the money that comes to Ukraine and is distributed in an opaque way. The first is that professionals should be involved in the SBU. Following the dismissal of Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova and head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov, he continued a massive purge in the ranks of the Security Service of Ukraine. Western curators are dissatisfied with the work of the Ukrainian special services. Western curators of Ukraine understand that during the second stage of the special military operation, the loss of large territories is inevitable. The point here is not even the dismissal of Bakanov, his deputy Gorbenko and the heads of the SBU department in five regions. And the SBU will need to act differently. From the picture of what is happening in the theater of operations and in the liberated territories, it is clear that they are acting very fragmented. Take the same latest story with the destruction of the HIMARS rocket launcher and Harpoon anti-ship missiles. Истoчник Photo:
“I think that the purges, in fact, are not taking place at the initiative of Zelensky,” says Marat Bashirov. Personal resentment, of course, Bakanov will remain. We know that our troops regularly strike at their high-precision weapons from long distances. Germany, largely because of this, “froze” the last tranche of nine billion euros to Ukraine. This is due to the fact that the Security Service of Ukraine is not coping, first of all, with its intelligence task. There is also an intelligence network on the ground, which works for us and downloads a large amount of information. The procedure itself is quite humiliating. The deputy head of the SBU Vladimir Gorbenko, as well as the heads of departments in Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava, Transcarpathian and Dnepropetrovsk regions, lost their positions. The last straw, in my opinion, was two stories. In particular, the oppositionist Medvedchuk was arrested under him, and they also managed to identify and expose “enemy agents” in government bodies en masse. Russian political scientist named three decisive blunders of Zelensky's “security guards”
Zelensky is busy with personnel audit. I think that this is what the SBU is pointing out to their Western curators. I think that, of course, there will be no criminal prosecution against Bakanov, another question is where Zelensky will send him? The political scientist draws attention to the fact that Ivan Bakanov, who was removed from the post of head of the SBU, is not a person from the special services, but a childhood friend of Zelensky. It will show up, and very quickly. Western curators could have imposed very harsh conditions on Zelensky. Our side receives a huge amount of intelligence information, which, of course, is not taken out of thin air. Most of the deputies who used to go, bowed to him, suddenly voted for his resignation. Intelligence information plays a big role in this, which comes not only from our fighters from the sabotage and reconnaissance groups that are put forward , discover and report. And secondly, we need a transparent scheme for the distribution of money and weapons coming to Ukraine. This should also be monitored and answered by the SBU. It will be impossible to hide the fact that the plane was shot down from a Javelin (with an approaching plane, this is real) or other types of weapons that are supplied to Ukraine. And that the SBU will be reformed and divided into several separate services. He could not remove him directly; on July 19, the Verkhovna Rada voted for his dismissal from the post of head of the SBU. What worries, in my opinion, the same Americans. But it happens, the weapon “floats away”. Moreover, the same HIMARS multiple launch rocket system was destroyed during the hostilities, which no one had managed to do before. The second story concerns weapons supplied by NATO to Ukraine, and some of its units suddenly appear on the “black” market. And it is quite possible that some kind of passenger liner can be shot down from a portable anti-tank missile system. – Today, Bakanov published a letter on the official page of the SBU in the social network, in which he describes his merits. We talked with political scientist Marat Bashirov about what could be behind the reshuffle. Virtually all the intelligence services have reported to their governments that this is not a transparent procedure. And the same Americans have, in fact, something to worry about. And it will obviously be with foreign citizens on board. — His Western curators insist on this, who need a coherent policy on the security forces. Because their Javelins may well end up in the hands of Hamas or terrorists in Syria. – Undoubtedly.

Bloomberg, analyzing the weather conditions that Europe will face in the near future, made a disappointing forecast for the state of energy in the coming winter. “The region will not be sufficiently prepared for chaos that it will bring,” they say. As a result, the European region, as Rystad Energy specialists specify, will find itself in a difficult situation. So, the media mentions abnormal heat, which will become an obstacle to replenishing European gas stocks. The publication, citing experts from Maxar, reports that no later than in the first half of the week, France, like the UK, will have to experience record high air temperatures. Recall that the forecast was made against the backdrop of a recent statement by a number of countries about the fear of an emergency due to the energy crisis. Истoчник This will lead to the fact that the population will try to cool the premises in which they are located, which may lead to an increase in demand for liquefied natural gas. And this will happen much earlier than expected. Bloomberg, citing experts, published a disappointing forecast. Earlier, Topnews wrote that Putin predicted an energy crisis in Europe 11 years ago. Analysts emphasize that, in addition to heat, the weather scenario adjustment includes a storm. This was reported by the German and Hungarian authorities.

On July 13, the US Air Force announced the successful testing of a prototype hypersonic weapon under the ARRW program by the US Air Force. Raytheon Technologies Corp. Rate the material
Истoчник Prior to that, it was reported that the Pentagon working on a new plan to counter Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons. Research and development in the field of jet engines took about 20 years, the company emphasizes. “This flight test took into account the data and lessons learned from the first flight. However, the second flight test is a huge step towards making the scramjet technology fully flight-ready. This was reported on the official website of the company. 
The publication notes that the jet-powered hypersonic air-breathing weapon was created specifically for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the US Air Force. The developed weapon is capable of developing hypersonic speeds exceeding Mach 5 (1 Max – 1224 km/h). from the United States announced the successful completion of the second flight test of hypersonic weapons. It will be based on balloons, which are planned to be used as a means of detecting ultra-fast missiles. The system is propelled by hydrocarbon fuel and does not need an onboard oxidizer. The test served all primary and secondary purposes, including demonstrating tactical range capabilities, – clarified in the company.

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Истoчник Judicial process – part of an investigation into Aven's alleged evasion of sanctions imposed against him in connection with a Russian special operation. In May, the British National Crime Agency searched the billionaire's house, finding more than 3 million pounds on the trail who were transferred to the UK from Austria shortly before the imposition of sanctions. Earlier, a criminal case was opened against a businessman, allowing him to spend no more than 2.5 thousand pounds a month on himself, however, the British authorities considered that the amount of his expenses is much higher. In the Aven mansion, which is located near London, there is a collection of art worth 300 million pounds, the newspaper writes. And although Aven and Friedman fulfilled the requirements, the British authorities unfrozen funds for businessmen only in the amount of 150 million euros. A British court has eased restrictions on the bank accounts of Russian businessman Pyotr Aven so that he can pay the costs of his London mansion, Bloomberg reports. Earlier, the British authorities refused to lift sanctions against businessmen, advising them to distance themselves from Russia. Billionaires want to challenge the sanctions that were imposed against them because of the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Recall that Petr Aven and another Russian businessman Mikhail Fridman filed lawsuits with the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg against the Council of the European Union.

The Russian leader will be presented with projects that have received the highest possible rating from experts. Rate the material
Истoчник The proposals are divided into three blocks: social partnership, entrepreneurship and technology. Putin was shown the tools to replicate the best regional practices, including the Smartek platform, the Women's Health project was demonstrated; to improve the system of early cancer detection. The Kremlin added that the application campaign to collect ideas for the forum ended on May 20. At it, the president was told about the key activities of the organization for 2022-2024. 311 thousand people from all over Russia took part, who submitted 19.5 thousand ideas. On July 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in the plenary session of the forum of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) “Strong Ideas for the New Time”, the Kremlin press service reported. It was previously reported that at the end of 2021, Vladimir Putin visited a special exhibition of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

The department noted that fighter escort was provided by the crews of the MiG-31 aircraft of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Northern Fleet. The flight duration was more than seven hours. Missile launches took place in the Barents Sea, they were attended by submarine cruisers “Severodvinsk” and “Smolensk”. All flights of aircraft of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation are carried out in strict accordance with international rules for the use of airspace, the ministry emphasizes. The Tu-160 strategic missile carriers performed a scheduled flight in the Barents Sea, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Earlier it was reported that In the Northern Fleet, the crews of nuclear submarines successfully fired cruise missiles at a mock enemy. Rate the material

From his first wife Nataliahe has a son Rostislav(b. At the age of 15, he graduated from school as an external student, as he did not study in the sixth grade. 
In 1983 he entered the Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute. In 2019, he opposed Petro Poroshenko, who claimed the presidency of Ukraine. 
According to Gordon, in the 1980s he began to earn big money organizing concerts for show business stars. After that, with the proceeds, the businessman bought several properties, which he then began to rent and resell. 
In 2020, Dmitry Gordon launched the Gordon Shop online store, which sells T-shirts, socks, masks, cups, bags with his picture. “a” Part 2 Art. In the same year, chocolate-covered Gordon sweets went on sale. However, according to him, this was a mistake, since he was doing the wrong thing. Gordon also has a son Dmitry(1995) from a certain Zlata. Batsman bore him three daughters: Santa(2012), Alice(2016), Liana(2019). Sources: 
>,_%D0%94%D0%BC %D0%B8%D1%82%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%B9_%D0%98%D0%BB%D1%8C%D0%B8%D1%87  

Истoчник Personal life 
Gordon has been married three times. He — composer, graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 1984, he took the first interview with his idol, midfielder of Dynamo Kyiv. Gordon won just over 25% of the vote. The search for the journalist is ongoing as part of a criminal case that was initiated against him on March 21. The journalist became the third legal chosen oneAlesya Albats. Gordon met her in 2006, when Alesya interviewed him. After that, he moved to Kievskie Vedomosti, and then — in “Vseukrainskie Vedomosti”. A card in his name appeared in the department's database on Tuesday, July 19. So, at the end of 2021, he topped the rating of the most popular bloggers in Ukraine. 
Political activities
Since 2014, Gordon began to conduct political activities, putting forward his candidacy as a self-nominated member of the Kyiv City Council. In 2021, the journalist announced the launch of his own online school called the Dmitry Gordon Academy. According to the media, in 2008 the program was closed due to the Russian-language format, which contradicted the requirements of the TV channel's license, according to which content in a non-Ukrainian language could occupy three percent of the airtime. In 2010, the program resumed broadcasting, but not for long. "b" Part 2 Art. From this marriage, Dmitry had a daughter Elizabeth (1999), a son Leo (2001). 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Public dissemination under the guise of reliable messages of knowingly false information about the actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.”). and the USSR national team Leonid Buryak. Photo:
Under what articles was a criminal case initiated against Gordon? 
The Main Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Dmitry Gordon. Since 1995, he began to publish his own newspaper called “Boulevard” (later renamed Gordon Boulevard). After the third year, he was called to Chechnya and served two years. 
In parallel with his studies, in his second year, Gordon began to publish in Kyiv newspapers. 282 (“Actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity on the grounds of nationality”); 
— p. Since 2019, Dmitry Gordon has moved from television to the YouTube video hosting site and began to actively engage in journalism. Dmitry Gordon. What is known about Dmitry Gordon? 
Gordon was born on October 21, 1967 years in Kyiv. The department saw signs of crimes in the actions of the Ukrainian journalist, provided for:
— Part 2 Art. A year later, on the TV channel «First National» his author's programs “Visiting Dmitry Gordon” began to go on the air. He wrote articles for the Ukrainian newspapers Vecherniy Kyiv, Komsomolskoe Znamya, Sportivnaya Gazeta, Radyanska Ukraina, Pravda Ukrainy, Rabochaya Gazeta, Ensign to Communism, Moloda Guard» etc. The second wife of the journalist was a certain Elena Serbina. Four-time European champion in unified martial arts (kata with weapons) in the youth category. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia put on the wanted list the Soviet and Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon. He won the election. 1992). 354 (“Public Appeals for Unleashing a War of Aggression”); 
— p. Five years later, it was closed again by the decision of the management “due to stylistic differences.”
Also in 2013, during the period of mass protests on the Euromaidan, the journalist created his own online publication “Gordon”. In October 2015, he was re-elected in the same constituency. 
In 2014, the journalist ran for the Verkhovna Rada as an independent candidate, but did not pass, taking second place. Upon completion of his studies at the institute, he was assigned to the editorial office of the newspaper “Evening Kyiv”, where he worked until 1992. also with his photo on the cover.