Some fans think that Offset instantly lost all of his street creds the moment he debuts the new ink, while others think he is just plain old dumb. The tat is also symbolic in that it shows her as a strong woman. In this case, Cardi B and Offset are engaged, but still, people do break up and divorce rates are at an all-time high right now. There is also a rumored explicit tape floating around of the two, prompting Cardi B to fire off a letter from her attorney to stop the leaking. A lot of people see her and her gangsta vibe, but she is not big on tattoos. Nevertheless, the Atlanta rapper hit up his favorite tattoo artist recently and got himself a tattoo of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper on his neck. At what point of the relationship would u do it? Cardi B objected to Offset when he told her that he was going to get a tattoo of her. Dancehall HipHop was also told that Cardi B’s favorite cartoon growing up was Power Puff Girls and that’s the reason why Offset got a tattoo with that theme. Related Posts

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Offset Threatens Chicago Rapper King Yella Over Cardi B “She was flattered but not too happy that he did and for a number of reasons because now this puts extra pressure on her to also get his name tatted on her and I don’t think she wants to get any more tattoos,” sources said. Would u tattoo ur girl/man name on u?? But sources are saying he just wanted to prove to her just how much she means to him even after she objected to it. “Matter of fact she regrets the large one she has now and wished she could get read of it. Sources added that Bardi has since warmed up to the tattoo and feels the gesture shows her how much he loves her. The Migos rapper broke the number one rule on dating, never tattoo the name of the person you’re dating even if it’s your husband or wife. Via @theshaderoom
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The tattoo comes in the wake of a cheating scandal plaguing the couple’s relationship after hackers hack his iCloud account and started leaking videos and photos. #offset gets Cardi B name tatted on him. The tat depicts Cardi B as a Power Puff Girl with her name under it the image in large letters.

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