I complicate you for your fellowship
Manipulate my fix, predetermine your sin
I am your only wish
My baby’s silhouette, she’s growing out of it
I could’ve savored it
Instead, I let it slip
I am your weight
A blessing from a family fugitive
I blame myself, I give my soul for it, I love myself for it
I’ve seen the aftermath of a once honest man
I am a product and you are just here to sell
A sudden spiral into me
You are blooming into disease
Feel the weeks turn into mold
A nail in your hands is the only thing you can believe
You are vast, you’re someone that I envy
Wash your hands until you are clean
Feel my arms around me
Sink my nails into something beautiful
I am immovable, you are disposable
I am impossible
Float in my firmament, the world as I see it
Nothing is certain but I’ve become permanent

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