He complied and hit the streets with her in his Jeep, but the entire plan didn’t end well when he brought her home. Aidonia’s protege Govana drop a dual video “Gyal Thief” and “Dozen + 10.”
The cinematic cut features the dancehall deejay taking to the streets but received a phone call from one of his side girls who asked him to come pick her up because her boyfriend slacking. Her hot headed boyfriend was waiting for her when she arrived home and she told her bf that Govana is the cable guy. Govana is a member of Aidonia’s 4th Genna crew and has been on a steady climb in dancehall. Check out his new video below. Last year he launched a new T-Shirt line that has been doing well inside dancehall circles. But what cable man install cable in the middle of the night. Related Posts

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