The promoters of GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza is threatening to sue Masicka and Tommy Lee Sparta for a now show at the event last month. Tommy Lee Sparta and Masicka are two of the top artists currently in dancehall and both deejays had a big year last year. Both artists were billed as headlining acts but never showed up for the performance, in fact, Tommy Lee entered the venue after the show ended at 7 AM in the morning. Tommy Lee Sparta has since issued an apology in a video uploaded to his social media page, but so far nothing from Masicka nor his management. If they fail to do so, we will not hesitate to pursue recourse through the courts,” GT Taylor said. Elizabeth which is hours away from Portland. Masicka did not show up any at all and now GT Taylor is threatening to sue to restore his reputation. Both artists were reported performing at another event in Portland on the same night. Extravaganza was held in St. Related Posts

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Masicka – Stop Talk To Me [New Music] “GT Promotions demands a full and immediate apology to our patrons and the public via the appropriate broadcast media and social media outlets.

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