Latest On:  Teen Mom Status Check: Which Couples Are Still Together? Billy’s a fighter! Just last month, the then-5-month old attended his first Hollywood bash with his parents and their 3-year-old daughter   Jane. Type Inside The Box Latest On:  Aaron Carter Checks into Rehab Again
Of course, things weren’t always so joyful for Jimmy and his baby boy. On the show, Jimmy explained that Molly had given birth to their son on Friday, April 21. He’s healthy, happy & we’re very grateful for your prayers, wishes & support of @ChildrensLA & other hospitals.”
In the sweet photo, the little guy was all smiles pictured in his car seat. Searching for more update about this? It’s looking like a pretty fun day for the youngster! Loves Alex’s Lemonade   charity event at   UCLA. “On Monday morning,   Dr. During the May 1 episode of his hit show Jimmy Kimmel Live, the funnyman got serious when he publicly let fans in the private crisis that he and his wife Molly McNearney had been facing. “He opened the valve, and the operation was a success. Latest On:  Justin Timberlake Performs His Wedding Song on Five-Year Anniversary With Jessica Biel
The late night host brought his young son on the red carpet for the L.A. It was the longest three hours of my life.”
The little guy seems to be doing well. The proud and more importantly grateful father of two took to his Twitter and gave a health update on the wee one, writing, “Billy is 6 months old today. The plaid-shirt wearing kiddo was photographed with a blanket with his name on it as well as a teething toy named Sophie the giraffe. However, just hours after his son’s birth, doctors noticed he was born with a heart disease and at only three-days-old, his son underwent a successful open heart surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The father-son duo even posed by a hunk of meat while at the star-studded event. Vaughn Starnes   opened his chest and fixed one of the two defects in his heart. On Saturday,   Jimmy Kimmelgave his legion of fans some pretty great news when he posted a photo of his now-6-month-old son   William “Billy” Kimmel   looking healthy and oh-so-happy almost six months after the then-newborn had to have open heart surgery. He went in there with a scalpel and did some kind of magic that I couldn’t even begin to explain,” Jimmy explained while trying to hold back tears.

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