[Kanye West]
Woman arrested for gettin’ naked
[Verse: Kendrick Lamar & Kanye West]
Barrel straight through the peephole
Tell your parents that we home
Propaganda that we own
Crime infested, not contested
Block conventions and street zones
My redemption won’t be long (woman)
My religion, fear no man (arrested)
Warrior, Conan, oh man (for gettin’)
Horror stories and romance (naked)
Devils that like to slow dance
Kettles burnin’ with sin in them
Children don’t wanna hold hands
Tourists don’t wanna visit and purists die in the maulin’
Fire burnin’ through skylines
Follow fortune through guidelines
Bloody Jordans and Popeye’s
Stolen Porsches and baby abortions at an all-time high
More divorces and child support lawyers, callin’ you, “Dada”
Feds tap on your wifi
Meds makin’ you crazy, you dip your head in some agua
Hit the dip while you’re drinkin’ it
Fuck it, flip on the stop sign
Duck a clip in that drive-by
Fuck a bitch in the Honda
Celebrate to a minor
Makin’ wishes for China
Pump your fist up far higher
Reminiscin’ messiah
Tigers, bears and lions in every jungle that I am
Welcome to America’s future, the great ruler
Public Enemy’s first born, ready to shoot you
[Kanye West]
I hate when people at me
I’m hurt, so, nigga, don’t at me

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