Sizzla, cool yuhself and go write some lyrics inna yuh old age,” he added. Unless you have been living off the grid then you would’ve likely heard about the leaked video of LA Lewis dubbed the “Equal Rights” video for male dancehall artists. The deejay has since been on a campaign to get dancehall culture more accepting of certain sexual acts but Sizzla is not having it. Him need to taste it if him no start or admit say him dweet.”
LA Lewis also challenges Sizzla to a lyrical battle rather than a physical one. “Just put me name inna a song and make me get mad. “Anyweh me see yu again, me ago kick yu under yu throat,” the dancehall legend said on stage. Related Posts

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LA Lewis Arrested For Manufacturing Fake Drink Something tells me that this feud will not end well for somebody. LA is clearly looking to capitalize on the extra press that he is getting especially from someone as big as Kalonji, but whether or not he will get his wish of a lyrical battle is far-fetched. According to the self-proclaim 7-Star deejay, Sizzla is merely using his name for the hype and he should try eating “pum pum” himself. During his performance at Monday’s GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza at the Luana Sports Complex in St Elizabeth, Kalonji blast LA Lewis while threatening to put his foot on his neck. LA Lewis has shot back at Sizzla Kalonji who threatened to teach him a lesson. “Sizzla need to understand that is modern time now, and me read my Bible about 15 times already, and no weh it nuh say ‘thou shall not make love to thy woman,’” LA Lew When Sizzla a burn LA Lewis, him fi go burn the tings dem whe a gwan ina di country like di road dem whe a fix and other things.

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