presidents—Jimmy Carter, George H.W. I feel very, very honored and humbled.”
She then publicly greeted   all the ex-presidents, with “Hello, Mr. Lady Gaga   gave a surprise appearance   at the Deep From the Heart: The One America Appeal concert at Texas A&M University Saturday in front of all   five living former U.S. Bush and Barack Obama. As of Saturday evening,   more than $31 million was raised from more than 80,000 donors, according to CNN. Latest On:  Harvey Weinstein “Bullied His Way” into Actress’ Hotel Room Before Rape, Her Lawyer Says
“LADY GAGA FOR PRESIDENT,” one user commented. After the concert, Gaga posted on her Instagram page a photo of herself with all five ex-presidents, who are all sitting down. “I thought the most special thing of all is how pain is such an equalizer and in a time of catastrophe we all put our difference aside and we all come together, because we need each other or we can’t survive,” she told   the crowd. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. and Bush and   wore a white pantsuit—a favorite look of former Democratic presidential candidate   Hillary Clinton, who the singer had supported in the 2016 election as she   ran against now-President Donald Trump, who appeared at the One America Appeal in a taped video message. Searching for more update about this? “Thank you so much for coming together in such compassion. President,” earning a big smile and wave from Carter. Latest On:  Cardi B Wins Best New Artist At 2017 BET Hip Hip Awards
She then performed her hits “Million Reasons,” “You and I” and “Edge of Glory.”
Gaga also said she has herself donated $1 million to the One America Appeal campaign. Foreshadowing? #OneAmericaAppeal,” she wrote. Type Inside The Box “It was an honor to be invited by these five living Presidents to perform and speak at this historic event where we put our differences aside, and put humanity first in the face of catastrophe. Gaga stood behind Bush Sr. The event was aimed at raising funds and awareness for those affected by the recent deadly hurricanes in areas like Houston, Miami and Puerto Rico. Rick Kern/Getty Images for Ford Motor Company
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Gaga got a standing ovation as she took the stage. “It is such an honor to be there,” she said, starting to play   white piano.

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