Say when are you gonna come back home? Well, I let temptation
Get the best of me
Now I’m sorry
I caused you misery
Say when, oh darling
Say when
I was swayed by a smile
And some loving charms
And like a fool, I was drawn
To another’s arms
Blinded by her kisses
I couldn’t see that with you
Was where I really wanted to be
So please say when
Baby, say when
I know I acted just like
A selfish child
Taking all and giving none
All the while
But now I’ve grown up
And I want to prove I can
Love you more than any other man
So, please, forgive me
And say when
Oh, baby
I was wrong
Forgive me
I was swayed by a smile
Forgive me
Forgive me Can’t you forgive this one who has done you wrong?

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