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Nicki Minaj & Nas Relationship: Everything You Need To Know Just a few weeks ago, Nas complained to a judge that Kelis has been hostile to him and is preventing him from seeing his son as per their previous agreement, TMZ reported. Nicki Minaj would have been a great stepmom but perhaps she wanted her own child. The former couple reached a custody agreement in their ongoing custody battle over their 8-year-son. Seems co-parenting is harder than it seems, but at least these two came to the table and worked something out. Nas and Kelis have made peace at least temporarily for the sake of their son. In his most recent court filing, Nas called Kelis hostile and says she deliberately prevents him from spending quality time with his son. He argued that she only allows him to see Knight when it was convenient for her and has little regards for his wishes to see the 8-year-old. This new setup will cover January through to March when they are expected to hammer out a more permanent custody agreement. The couple’s new agreement will see Nas has his son Knight for extended periods like weekends which begins on Fridays after school and runs through to Sunday night or Monday night if it’s a three-day weekend like when a holiday falls on Monday. As for the rap legend’s career, many fans are hoping that they will get an album from him this year although no formal announcement was made. RELATED: Nicki Minaj and Nas Break Up Denies Pregnancy Rumors
As part of the agreement, the couple agrees that both parties will not expose their son to social media, which means you will not see Nas or Kelis post any pictures of their son. There were some rumors that she might have been jealous of the rap icon dating rapper Nicki Minaj and perhaps this is mere coincidence, but they reached an agreement just days after news of the relationship’s demise surfaced.

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