Now that you’re gone. I was even sold by a
Dumb love song. That won’t happen anymore. Who’s this song about?]
[Verse 1]
Not another broken hearted man. You need to get out of my life forever. (Repeat x2)
[Verse 2]
How could I say it? I’m tired of hiding behind a mask. And I can’t put myself
Through the heart ache anymore. Cause we can’t be together
When you play your childish games. I moved on with my life. Chewed up, spit back out. Who’s this song about? We are better off going our own ways. [Bridge]
Like a vulcher, you take your time into
Lookin’ for prey. You gave up on us long ago. Cause you have no meaning to me. And I don’t know why
I kept you around for so long, baby. [Chorus]
Now that you’re gone,
I can live for the first time. I’m doing so much better without you. No, that will not happen. You must have majored in keeping secrets. [Who’s this song about? I will not be afraid of you. That’s why I gotta kick you out tonight. I gotta get you off my mind. Who’s this song about? Cause I’m kicking you to the curb tonight. Your lies have become inane. Cause your an expert in betraying my trust. I gave you my heart. But I’m not fallin’
For you tryin’ to steal my heart. So I will make the right decision
To leave you tonight. I can’t believe I fell for
Someone like you.

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