According to the police report, Playboi Carti or his girlfriend didn’t have any visible marks from a fight and his girlfriend of 3 years was not arrested for the incident. TMZ reported that Carti grabbed his girlfriend by her backpack and shoved her inside a Uber after she allegedly slapped her. The rapper was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. Sources say that the rapper and his girlfriend got into a heated argument inside the terminal. She told cops that he started arguing with her because he wanted her to call her mom to check them in and she refused. He has since posted a $20,000 bail on Friday. Playboi Carti is known for his hit song “Magnolia.” An eyewitness called the cops and reported the incident. Playboi Carti found himself behind bars on Thursday afternoon for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend at the LAX airport. She also claimed that he snatched the phone out her hand.

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