Open up your third eye
From the right morning morning morning
Destiny calling calling calling
Light up di chalice ,give thanks fi life
And mi know the devil can’t win
Inna this morning morning morning
Badmind falling falling falling
Mi vibe beat dem wid pressure
Man a feeling better
You know the devil can’t win
Dem a wonder how me live through this
Im blessed im sanctified
From me born pon the earth its a risk
Im blessed im sanctified
No shot can’t stop me no matter how much them buy
Righteous live forever but a slowly them die
From we have life fi live it
No negativity no that can’t hold we down
God help we fi push to di limit
Now that i am living it up
Fill up my cup , dont let those enemies in it
They dont really know love
Let the lights keep shine every minute
We ain’t giving it up Rastafari
Bless the man dem deh ain’t no stress
You done know god bless with the positiveness
They say many more but the whole world a joy
Jah know , jah know , jah know
Keep on the track
Troyton touch the sky!

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