They appeared to be in good spirits as they answered questions. “We feel like a lot of people go through this so we wanted to share it, ” Johnson said in a   YouTube   video while sitting with her husband. Latest On:  #WhereTheyAtNow: Jaimee Foxworth Speaks Out About Being Left Out Of The Family Matters Reunion
“We know everything happens for a reason,” Johnson said. I have been crying more than I ever have, but am still optimistic for what is next.”
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In the video, two digital home pregnancy tests are shown and are positive. I definitely wasn’t planning this but it’s really, really exciting. All we can do is be positive otherwise we just sink into a hole.”
Searching for more update about this? They said they did not plan to get pregnant. Shawn Johnson and husband   Andrew East shared some heartbreaking news with fans on Saturday: They revealed she had recently suffered a miscarriage. “My husband Andrew and I found out that we were unexpectedly pregnant, only to find out hours later some tragic news. She said she started feeling stomach pains. He’s going to be a daddy.”
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Johnson and East were then shown driving   to a doctor’s office. At the doctor’s office, an ultrasound showed bleeding in her uterus and no gestational sac, meaning she had miscarried naturally. Johnson then   holds them up and declares, tearfully, “We’re going to have a baby. Type Inside The Box “The past 48 hours have been some of the happiest, scariest, and saddest times of my life,” she wrote. The 25-year-old retired Olympic gold medalist and gymnast and two-time   Dancing With the Stars   competitor   married   the 26-year-old   football player in Tennessee in April 2016. She was six weeks along —just a   two weeks after a pregnancy test   can show a positive result. Johnson took hers earlier this week. “We believe God’s got a bigger plan for us. How am I gonna tell Andrew? After the video was posted, Johnson and East took to Instagram and Facebook Live to chat with their fans.

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