LA quickly shot back saying that Kalonji is looking for a hype off his name and should take his advice and try eating “pum pum.” Knowing Sizzla, that statement is not sitting well with him and on Saturday, LA Lewis posted a video on Facebook telling his fans how Sizzla send his goons after him in August Town. Sizzla, who closed the show, used part of his set to blast LA Lewis over a leaked explicit video showing him performing “Equal Rights” on his girlfriend. The deejay says he went straight to the police station and filed a report about the incident. “LA Lewis, anytime me see yu again me ago kick yu under the throat,” the “Thank You Mama” singer said. The self-proclaim 7-Star deejay says that Bounty Killer and Sizzla are also telling disc jockeys not to play his music. Sizzla has sent his goons after LA Lewis prompting the deejay to file a police report. For those of you who are unaware of the meaning of “Equal Rights” you can listen to Ishawna song here. Tensions are currently high between Sizzla and LA since the reggae icon’s performance at GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza on Monday at the Luana Sports Complex in St Elizabeth. SIZLA KALANGE SEND GUN MAN TO KILL DANCE HALL POP REGGAE SUPERSTAR LA LEWIS
Posted by L A Lewis 7 on Saturday, December 30, 2017
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LA LEWIS Nabbed Bounty Killer Ex-Girlfriend, She Dishing On Killer [VIDEO] “Almost this morning one bag of things unnu hear say gwaan,” he said in the clip. “This is no joke people Sizzla Kalonji send man fi LA Lewis last night,” he added. “Last night mi a come from August town just to see men come draw down on me with guns and a tell me say Sizzla call me.” LA says at first he thought that Kalonji was just looking a hype but now he knows that it’s very serious. He also claimed that he knows two of the men personally and can identify them.

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