Chuck a E [?]
Got a whole bottle, got a Zs on me
It’s a [?]
I wake up outside, yeah, yeah
We so glad, yeah, yeah, why? Team, I’m big, you know what I did one for you
You know why you runnin’, you ridin’
Ridin’, ridin’ for me, with me, with me, with me, yeah
You [?] on me, yeah
Two times I led in my [?], yeah
Wake up
Lifelong, I’m lifelong
Real nigga, I
Wait for me
Ride for my enemy
It’s on my bag of weed, rockin’ me, yeah
Rack up, you ride for me, yeah
[?] heavenly, heavenly
Ride for my heaven, praisin’ my pleasantry
I been my resident, I been my resident
Out in my residency
Flex on my enemy, yeah, yeah
I just need Hennessy, yeah, yeah
It feel so good to me, yeah
[?] my Hennessy, ride off my Hennessy, yeah
What is your [?]? You real now, would you stay down? How they seen us? Yeah, yeah
‘Fore we sip, [?] we, yeah
Take a sip, wind up that Hennessy, yeah
We wake, I weigh codeine, yeah
‘Fore I go, pray for me, pray for me, yeah
Wait up, don’t wait on me, yeah
Get paid up, get paid for me, yeah
Stay up, just stay for me, yeah
Hang up, don’t lay for me
Time on my residency, heavenly
Wine and that Hennessy
Wine and that Hennessy, yeah
Wine and a Hennessy
Wine and a Hennessy, yeah
[Verse 2]
I go all day on me, yeah
Ride for my enemy, yeah
Real one for henna, my time in my residency
Callin’ my [?], all in my residency
Prayin’ my [?], yeah
They lovin’ my melody, out in my seventy
I been off L and D, movin’ ride seventy
Lookin’ like [?], more drugs than the ’70s
Background, no chasin’ me, I’m on a background
I need to lay low, me, I got it
[?] pots to piss in [?]
[?] ocean [?]
Niggas goin’ back on for a Frank Ocean
Got it, pop it, [?] lotion, oh
On me, yeah
I’m gone off wine, Hennessy, yeah
Chill in my residency, yeah
Take off my [?], my [?]
Hennessy, wine and a Hennessy
That’s is my medicine, yeah
All in my residence, yeah
Wine and a Hennessy, yeah
That is my medicine, yeah
It’s in my residence, yeah
Wine and a Hennessy, [?]
Pray for me, pray, pray for me
[Verse 3]
‘Fore we waste time on me
Ride in my passenger seat
You in my passenger seat
Out in the [?]
You in that [?] me
You know how to handle me
Fuckin’ [?] on me
I’m taking all commas
Fine off the heinas
Gone off wine, Hennessy
You know what that meant to me
You know what that’s into me
Wine and a Hennessy
Wine and a Hennessy
[Verse 4]
Ridin’ my enemy
Ridin’ my medicine
All in my residence
Wine and a Hennessy
Wake up, don’t pray for me
Take a sip of Hennessy
Ridin’ my recipe, ridin’ my remedy
Ridin’, no recipe
Lean, no Henney, yeah
Need to find like a drum
[?] on my [?], yeah
Off my Hennessy
[?] my Hennessy, yeah
Ridin’ off Hennessy
Ridin’ off Hennessy, yeah
[Verse 5]
Background, would you back down? Back down, Hennessy on my [?]
Take down on my bank down, it’s a shakedown
Nigga, takedown, you might [?]
Wine and that Hennessy, yeah
Wind it up fast for me, yeah
I need my medicine in my residency
I get four [?], yeah
Smellin’ promethazine
Off of my [?]
You comin’ next to me, must mean you sexin’ me
Don’t come in textin’ me, replyin’ flexin’ me
Diamonds on Texan lean
We want that Texas lean
Somethin’ that make my dreams come true
When it’s time [?], I been alone [?] for this [?]
Love how my diamonds bling, yeah
Cum on my weddin’ ring, yeah
I finger-fuck, you finger-look, I finger-duck
I finger-puck, the fuck-niggas finger-bust
Hidin’ out in [?]
Tied her down in [?]
Background, pinkie stuck
Ride ’round, mean as fuck
How that nigga [?] the dust? Ridin’ round in [?]
[?] dingus
[?] means us on a [?]
Niggas on a [?]
All I need is [?] in a lean cup, I don’t need none of that
Wine and a Hennessy
That’s what it do to me
I need my medicine
Codeine, promethazine
Drown in my residence
You got the theory
Haha Hennessy, would you wait, babe? I be up all damn night, I don’t know
You been goin’ over, the way I see, yeah
Wake up my nigga
Turn it up [?] for me
[?] for me
Turn my mic up
Turn the beat down
[Verse 1]
Vibin’ [?], yeah
Sat [?] in backseat, yeah
Ridin’ on my own two feet, yeah
[?] got the pot to piss in on me, yeah
It’s cold, I been on [?]
I been on my last two rolls
Fiz on, my bitch bad, why you take one for?

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