Nigga, that’s weird
Cop a new Lamb, cop a new ‘Rari
Just to go and switch gears (skrt)
Burn out, burn out
Every time we turn out, make a big scene (yeah)
2K, 3K, 4K, 5K, spent it on my new jeans (skrt skrt skrt)
Gave big bro twenty-seven racks for his birthday, the world made a scene (facts)
Y’all don’t even know how a nigga live
Spend twenty racks like two bands (facts)
Uh, came with the sticks like they hunting nigga
Throwing gang signs, call it [?] nigga
Can’t nobody at QC get punked, nigga
What is a one-on-one, nigga? Buyin’ whips, yeah, we into that
Fuckin’ hoes, yeah, we into that
Loving hoes, yeah no nigga
Got a .223 inside the Hellcat
Keep it all in the pack, huh
Hundred niggas in your section
Hmm, where the hoes? or somethin’
Take a trip, go chill with the bros or somethin’
Call a few bitches, chill with some hoes or somethin’
Niggas be flexin’, they bold or somethin’
They don’t want that war, go home or somethin’
Internet flexin’ with the phone or somethin’
You a lil’ pup, nigga, fetch a bone or somethin’
Niggas male strippers when them poles bummin’
[Bridge: Trippie Redd & Lil Yachty]
Gang (uh), gang (uh), huh, gang (uh)
1400 gang (yuh), 800 gang (yuh)
1400 gang (yuh), 800 gang (yuh)
Lil’ nigga talkin’ down, we gon’ snatch his chain (yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh)
[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
Hold on (Lil Boat)
Ayy, who you think you ahead of? Not us
And these niggas they mad ’cause I’m richer than them
Stay ganged up, I ain’t clickin’ with them
You can get shot, Terry Richardson and them
Nigga, I ball like the Pistons and them (uh)
Fuck around, you come up missin’ like them (yeah)
You the type run to the sheriff (hah)
Act like you hard and you careless (yeah)
Nigga, I’m a real ass nigga, ain’t fake a nigga
Free my big brother out the prison cell
QC [?] told ’em give ’em hell
Ridin’ ’round in a Maybach with my nigga Pellz
Glock out, running we empty 12
Bitch on my dick, that’s a love spell (yeah)
Bitch with the shits call her Annabelle (yeah)
If they won’t call, I don’t gotta yell (yeah)
Hundreds [?] like a pack of [?]
Fuckin’ her jewels with my nigga Jack
Crotched up, all of my brothers sack
Gotta run up them Ricky Racks
In the safe in the [?], we got hella plaques
Got more pops on my watch than your brother teeth
Boy you young, where your Similac? We jumpin’ niggas
We got the strap, nigga, fuck it, we stompin’ niggas
I’m just as rich as your favorite rapper, nigga, might be richer
Hit the pent like I’m Derek Fisher
Fuck the bitch right, then I kiss her
Ride around town, you the one that licked her
Ha, real player like my pops (pops)
Thirty round in my Glock
We run it, not opps
Ten toes on my sole, niggas wouldn’t double dare to cross the big Boat (yeah)
Last year, I was 19, had 300K inside a [?] coat (yeah)
Pull up deep, wide body nigga
Feel like Jeremy Shockey, cold as Minnesota
Bought my moms a Rover but I ain’t BlocBoy
But I do keep a Glock for opp boys (doot-doot-doot)
[Outro: Lil Yachty & Trippie Redd]
Lil Boat (who else?)
Gang [Intro: Trippie Redd & Lil Yachty]
Yeah, huh, yeah, huh, yeah
Huh, Big 14 Bitch
1400 yeah, 1400 yeah, 800 yeah
1400/800 lil’ nigga, flexin’ paper nigga
You know what the fuck goin’ on
Yeah, ayy, hold on, ayy
[Verse 1: Trippie Redd]
Real niggas live by the code
Catch a nigga lack on my fuckin’ bros
I don’t fuck with opps, all y’all niggas’ hoes
Met a few of ’em, y’all could get exposed
With my nigga too, head off the pole
Put it to your nose, leave your body froze
Do a trill, catch another body though
Like, that’s my fuckin’ hobby, yo
I’m a real nigga, in the field witcha, doin’ trill witcha
All my lil’ niggas keep it trill, pop a couple pills witcha
Big Trippie keep it real witcha
I’m a real nigga, in the field witcha, doin’ trill witcha
All my lil’ niggas keep it trill, pop a couple pills witcha
Big Trippie keep it real witcha
Lil’ nigga let them lullas fly, leave a young nigga so traumatized
Totin’ gats jit, all my niggas ride
Don’t make me make another mama cry
Doin’ trill, catch another homicide
Fix your face, nigga, you got butterflies? Chopper at your throat and you afraid to die
Big 14, fuck the other side
Jugg, jugg, got all this jewelry
Man, this shit ain’t new to me
Your bitch new to you, she ain’t new to me
I ain’t really with the fucking foolery
Glistenin’ in these fucking diamonds
Bad bitch and I’m fucking shining
I got a bad bitch from the fucking islands
Taking trips to the fucking islands
Guess these guys don’t realize
When they talking fly, man it’s suicide
Don’t talk, do a nigga do or die
Nobody else, nigga, you and I
Big chopper, I’ma let the bullets fly
That red dot right between your eyes
I don’t play, pussy, wish a nigga try
‘Cause that’d be the night niggas die
Niggas act like I ain’t G.O.A.T.

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