But y’all niggas actin’ tough and then y’all niggas backin’ up
Y’all nigga money down, but y’all niggas be actin’ up
Like for example, when you in the east you Rick Ross you throwin’ up Triple C’s
But we don’t know if he down or not, he like the Wu-Tang Killa Beez
The young boy on my team? So actin’ like this ain’t about money somethin’ you gon’ say yourself
That’s like gettin’ in my car, askin’ for the auxiliary cord…we know you ’bout to play yourself
Against the god MC who got more than four fours ya
I take your shit and beat you wit’ it, I go John John on ya
You wanna get disrespectful?! I’m vegan so I need some toad
Fruit smoothie, keep the Coke.”
Actin’ diva though like Keisha Cole and you didn’t even have a speakin’ role
So quit all the actin’, frontin’, before I start blackin’ somethin’
You’ll think about my last battle…I’ll pull out extra caps for nothin’! I’ll do you like God’s godfather
Cause a battle rap can turn into a crime scene from it
I mean my arsenal turn into Arsonal, you know he got somethin’ mean comin’
My hit man turn into Hitman, it reload when that thing dumpin’
And Hollow turn into Blind Fury cause I ain’t see nothin’
But I did see your scene in Bodied and your scene was throw
But it ain’t about your scene it’s what you did behind the scenes that seem so bold
He told a runner, “Put the beef on hold. [Round 1: Hollow Da Don]
You retired for 3 hours and 32 seconds, you should hate yourself
How you got your own league, but you can’t pay yourself? He Shyeim, he always with the beats
So before he lets them cap a don (Cappadonna) he’ll Killa Priest
Nigga you got somethin’ that you owe Hollow
So I learn with the old Hollow
(Hold up stop my time)
{Hollow puts on the same jacket and hat he wore in his first battle against Arsonal on Fight Klub}
For me to really beat this nigga, I gotta turn into the old Hollow
I said, my machete diabetic, it’s takin’ off his left leg
Kill his baby mom and his baby with one bullet
Give her chest lead through the baby head while she gettin’ breast fed
Put that Saw in that small room is a horror flick, I’m that hostile (Hostel)
I’ll find the good (Goodz) and do him bad, I can Top you
I’ll put the combinations in a sock and pad lock you
I’ll nail both your feet to the floor and slap box you
Nigga I remember our first battle, legendary, a lot of shit got birthed
You was schemin’ and you was doin’ setups first
I mean they had me look crazy
You knew we was battlin’ twice and that was fugazi
So you think I’ma let you come out on the ‘Tube tied, I’m not havin’ it baby
I said they did a whole lot to set up the best
You thought I’d die behind bars that first time? Well I didn’t that’s the Mandela Effect
I said, that year don’t even exist, I’m an old mind shatterer, time traveler, rhyme battler
That go back in time and design calendars to find challengers
My mind patterns are cryptic I write backwards
The lines scatter, I decode ’em as I practice
Just to show that mind matters and mine matters
I’ll have his mind mattered they find scattered all over his wine China cabinet
{I’m expecting to finish all the lyrics by tomorrow night sometime} I’ll spit on ya mom’s mom’s daughter
You wanna bring in a pool table?

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